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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Woohoo!!!! but just for another month

weeeeeee :D Trials dah habis!!!! I'm back to my site mannn, but just for another month oni, december have to prepare for the REAL exam and also have to sit for SAT 1 and 2 in dec and jan. TT.TT Exam exam, again exam, feel so lifeless :(

anyways, the past few weeks was really tiring, I studied till 2am almost every night and end up getting mild cold, my nose was running like crazy....Didn't study well, I think I'm gonna lose my scholarship TT.TT

haiz in simple words, studied but didn't really studied :( here's some random photos that i took during exam period...

My lame Biology Drawings....

This is my favorite haha....How Microorganism travel into your body.

Next, Chem Lab Experiment... Silver Mirror Test
Cool right???

This song is so freaking catchy!!!!!
sang this the whole day and i'm now learning the dance moves...
I love everyone of them!!!! They all look awesomely beautiful for this comeback.
I think the most stunning wan is Sunny with her short hair.
yea i love everything laa, their clothes, their style, their shoes and of course their hair!!!
Many of them are having straight hair, so I was kind of inspired laa, went to cut my hair, hoping that it will grow longer. :D

GG rocks!!!

hope their US debut will be a great success!!!

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