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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dad's hometown, Tangkak

Photos sharing as well....
just to show how this place has changed after two years
I hadn't go back to my dad's hometown for the past two years, yes not even CNY.
Kind of miss this place, the nostalgic buildings, the street lights, the array of textiles sold in shops...

Delicious old school kopitiam breakfast to kickstart our day before heading to Cheng Meng. 
This was @ Lok Pin Hotel, a Nostalgic Hotel Building since 1961.
LC 117, Jalan Muar, 84900, Tangkak, Johor

This is Wantan Noodles at my dad's kampung hehe...
This is only half a portion...
Yes people are very generous over there.
The wantan are small cute yet delicious. 

Went to Lagenda Forest Park, somewhere near Sagil. It was a really hot day, somehow, being in a forest really cool things down. Enjoying the cool air and comfortable dose of sun. 
It's a place for family or company gatherings and also team building as there are chalets and camp sites. 

See those glowing leaves that are blue in color?
Apparently they are used to treat jaundice in babies.

 There's a small animal farm too
Meet Bujang the Porcupine. So adorable awwwww!!!!

After that, went back to Tangkak Town and started looking for the famous Tangkak Beef Noodle
Seriously, don't underestimate the crowd.
The standard Beef Noodle I suppose.
Because we weren't allowed to ask for anything else, there was only one item on the menu. The only choice you have is u can choose for kuey teow or bihun.
Anyhow, this standard was is already enough to satisfy my tastebud.
The soup was amazing, so rich in flavor yet refreshing. 
Spring Onions and Herbs together and the essence of the beef!!
The beef strip's texture was tender, seriously no difficulty in chewing at all.
Yum! Too bad I couldn't order extra :(

Yea, sold proof of the crowd. 

 Told you that they are famous!!

Restoran Kuang Fei : Tangkak Beef Noodle
20, Jalan Solok,
84900, Tangkak Johor.

Finally, a photo with the father, 
who drove me around to show me his childhood memories. 

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