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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

38 Vday with the darlings @ Artease NTU

Though Valentines day was never a big deal for me, but that day was a rather memorable one :D
Please, I'm not trying to 自我安慰okayyyy haha....Just thought it was a really fun and sweet day!
After our classes, we went to the cozy and bright Artease Cafe which is located in the HSS building. Quite a popular place among students to grab a drink. There's an extensive choice of coffee and bubble tea beverages, they also serve simple breakfast and cakes.  

So yea we were in the middle of discussing about our research project and you know how girls will end up diverting to topics non related to work within one minute of discussion?? haha that's exactly what we did, started chit chatting and God knows where our topic led to. Owh I remember we were also thinking about ShiYien's bday and stuffs....but with the beautiful surroundings, we immediately turned on the 38-suagu-camwhore-MODE

Folding hearts for valentines day :D

and many thanks to our Huan Huan!! always so thoughtful, who bought us chocolates and love letter haha
thanks for making FA like me so happy LOL

Some of our best shots hehe
got a balloon from HSS's V-day event :D

haha, like those music videos....

kay I might not have very good English to describe how fun our day was, but I just enjoy being around this 3 girls, hehe My 4-In-Love LOL These girls can just make me laugh non-stop, I'm a very lucky girl to have them. Wish I could do the same for them, will try to be more funny next time LOL and the best part is always how we share our thoughts and experiences in life without holding back. I've learned so much from you girls haha Love you all!! Muacksss....

More photos on the Drinks and Food from Artease

Hot Double Chocolate -- SGD 4.10
Earl Grey Soy Milk Tea -- SGD 2.70
Milk Tea with toppings(pearl or jelly) -- SGD 2.60 
Double chocolate was great for people who dont fancy tea or coffee. 

Earl Grey Latte -- SGD 3.20
Thumbs up for this one, love the strong scent of earl grey tea

Waffles with Chocolate Syrup -- SGD5.50 per serving
gawd it's expensive weih!!!
for waffles, this one kinda failed coz it's not really crunchy and fluffy
the only thing i like is they used Wholemeal waffles if I'm not wrong. 

Nacho Cheese Fries -- SGD 3.50
This is yummy!! Love the strong flavor of spice and cheese, together with crunchy potato fries. 

And there you have it...our fun chillax day at Artease
it's a great place for friends to hang out, chat while sipping some coffee. I heard their cakes and brownies are great too, will probably try them out next time.

Artease NTU
14 Nanyang Drive
NTU School of Humanities
and Social Sciences (Level 1)

go to Artease's website to see the location of other outlets:

hehe, next random photo....
Our simple and wholesome afternoon snack whenever we're studying on Sunday, where no canteens are opened.
50 cent Hot Chocolate and yummy Sandwiches with Cheese and Ham 
all from the Vending Machines!!
and the sandwich actually taste good!!!
yes that's why I love NTU :D
tell me where to find a uni like this in MY?? 

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