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Saturday, March 01, 2014


A post dedicated to all the birthday girls haha....
That's just too many people's birthday in 2 months!!
and they are all turning 21 yo!
the Key Age to the Adult World

Econs Lenglui, ok i might not be in that category haha :D

First Up -- Wanqi
our big sister of econs gang!! in fact not just econs gang, she seems to be the big sister of the msa freshies, that explains how caring and helpful she is. Her birthday was during the sem break, so it's a post-birthday celebration....surprised her outside the lecture theater haha, and sing when everyone's around LOL
It's a simple one, but hope she likes it.

Second, our 4-In-Love 24 hours ON 7Eleven -- Huan Huan!
sad that we failed to surprise her TT.TT
even after we formed alliance with her bf, we still failed :(
It so happened that she just walked into us haha
Yeap, she just walked into us in the wide and big Orchard area...
What a fate haha...
anyways it was kinda fun, to travel to the beautiful and bustling Orchard area to surprise her.
Beautiful lights and lively atmosphere around :D

Had a small chit chat and game session with the girls at Oriole Cafe and Bar @ Somerset 313
beautiful cafe, situated outdoors, looks awesome at night...definitely a great place for a girls night out.
what we did? hmmm updating each other about CNY, discussing how our surprise plan failed, laughing with no reason, more laughters, ....and finally, some caffeine and alcohol, perfect for a 21st bday isn't it? LOL

Short Review on the drinks we had at Oriole Cafe and Bar:

Sex on the Beach -- SGD 12
sweet and tangy

Bloody Mary -- SGD12
lol i didn't know this was suppose to taste like veggie juice haha...
i like tomatoes but just find it very strange without the texture of squashed tomato haha

Here comes the caffeine part, check out the beautiful latte art
Left : Cafe Latte -- SGD 5.50
Center: Mocha -- SGD 6.00
Right: Mint Mocha -- SGD 6.00
Small cup on top: Espresso -- SGD 4.00
I had the mocha, which I think taste really good, strong cocoa flavor with smooth texture. The mint mocha taste similar, can't taste much of mint. Espresso was nice, but my girls don't seem to enjoy it haha...

the cafe was really a cosy and beautiful place to hang out with friends on a busy friday night. 

Oriole Cafe + Bar
96 Somerset Road
#01-01 Pan Pacific Serviced Suites

Opening Hours:
Mon - Thurs (11am - 11pm)
Fri - Sat (11am - 12am)
Sun (10:30am - 11pm)

Oriole Cafe is known for its coffee and has other branches as well, go to their website to find out more:

Happy celebration for my dearest Huan Huan, and also sort of like a farewell outing for CC well...
From Left2: CC, HuanHuan, ShiYien, JingYi & Limin

OMG what the fish am I doing haha...
just find this photo funny...

Next, our Toddler of 4inLove -- AhBian Limin :D
notice I used toddler, not baby haha...coz toddler are much more childish and annoying ahhahahaha
no worries dear, we enjoy ur childish acts.
so for her birthday, it was a 2 part plan
first, to act like we simply celebrated her birthday 
coz this girl has been reminding us to celebrate her bday since the beginning of sem 1!! 怕死我们不会庆祝酱LOL
so yea we tried to make everything look like as if we're trying to ignore her bday (but not overdoing it)
just sing her a song outside LT, and take presents, no cards, NOTHING ELSE. 
and when she goes out in the evening...the second part comes :D

Ta-dah....we secretly pasted our wishes on her door when she went out
yes 就是要让整个Block13都懂是他的生日!
and hope she gets surprised when she comes back.

after the surprise, here comes our part 3 haha....
Watched Conjuring in my super-dim-and-lifeless room
while sipping beer!! Yeap 21st is all about alcohol for us hahahaha....

Conjuring was good, like really!!

coming up, ShiYien our sweet and caring lady...
well due to our super busy days, we decided to celebrate her bday early, ON V-Day!
and it's like a collab haha
we econs coursemates were in charge of decorating her room, while her boss OG brings in the cake.
bought balloons, blew them, draw on them....write on them...and pasted lots of post-it notes on her wall...
wishes and nonsense altogether hahahahah....

Balloon of Econs gang, drawn by ME! haha it's an achievement coz I suck in drawing most of the time. 

Happy with our masterpiece haha

Finally, the last Feb Baby
Our Angrybird Princess JingYi!!
her birthday turned out to be the toughest to plan, coz we pretty much ran out of ideas...
so what u gonna see, is a combination of all the ideas above LOL

 ta-dah, surprise when she opens the door in the morning!!
Me and Limin went to her room in the middle of the night to paste the notes
Effin scared that she'll suddenly open the door and see us..
Btw, my second Balloon Drawing heheheheh....

Part 2, Angry Bird themed celebration at Uni
hehe 2nd surprise, we pretty much showered her with angry bird haha...
this time, we have almost the whole econs family to sing her bday song and write her bday messages.

Angry Bird mini cakes from Polar (Jurong Point)

Econs Family...


Photoshooting at Nanyang Lake LOL

paiseh this photo belongs to LiMin

Extra post here haha
4 In Love impromptu Birthday and Steamboat Movie Night. 
somehow JingYi just bought a cake with candles LOL
and there we have, the 3 Feb babies celebrating their bday twice...

awesome TomYam steamboat....using my ricecooker hehe...

Conjuring again, shouted together haha
Happy night, with best friends, awesome food, laughter and joy.
bet the residents hate us LOL

Shout out to all the birthday girls
hmmm hope you guys had fun on your 21st!!
and hope it's a memorable one.
Just wanna thank you guys, for whatever help and effort you guys given for our friendship. I truly treasure you all, hope we'll continue to encourage each other and support each other. 
All the best in everything!!

and special shoutout to my 4-inLove girls hehe...who turns out to be all feb babies..
Love you all so much!! tho planning for 3 bdays in a row is kinda tiring, but I really enjoyed, hope u guys did too!! :D

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