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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Standing Theory @ SS2

Just now met cousin's friend, who told me that my blog was on top of the list when she googled for JB cafes! 暗爽 abit when she say my blog is quite popular LOL
kay post another cafe hop in PJ
omg i wrote this like 2 weeks ago, but now oni post....zzzzzzz

Just finished camp
and it's time to quickly post my cafehop reviews...
This was one week before I came back to SG
Was kinda bored at home, dad and mom knows my crave for Cafes and decided to bring me to one..
It's a first okay!!! Coz they hate cafes who sell drinks that are more expensive than the food. But they took me by surprise as they brought me to one of the most raved cafes in SS2.

Standing Theory @ SS2

The cafe was flooding with youngsters, the tables are closely knit and there's this huge wooden-spool table. Lights are dim, tables are mostly wooden ones with bright colored chairs to match with. Cakes were showcased at the rather simple and small counter. Very hipster I would say. 

I was overwhelmed by the crowd, (even more with my parents beside me) coz they obviously don't like places like this haha...thought they are gonna complain but turns out they didn't lol...
Really got me wondered why this place is so awesome?

Peanut Butter Chocolate -- RM11.00
yummy!! Spongy yet moist choco cake with savory peanut butter
The peanut chunks adds more texture while the melting peanut butter just combined all the flavors together
Awesome stuff!

Hot Chocolate -- RM10.00
dad and mom are not specialty coffee people so they ordered a hot choco
Super strong cocoa taste, quite bitter, but it's nice overall

Flat White -- RM10.00
the first thing u can taste and smell is some herbs/spices kind of aroma
I guess they have their own blend of coffee beans
aroma is pleasant but the taste....hmmm 
Sorry to say I'm not a big fan of the spice-coffee

V.D Roll -- RM13.00
Yeap mom recommended this!! And it's awesome!!! Crunchy and succulent veggies and tender meat patties, together with the fragrant bread roll. Also, a bit of peanuts to add the crunch
Like like like!!

Food and coffee are actually not bad afterall, really thumbs up for the VD roll. Ambience, hmm, maybe I went there at the wrong time, it was too crowded and noisy. Maybe a weekday afternoon coffee break would be suitable when there's less people. 

Anyways, Standing Theory. CHECKED. 

Standing Theory
26, Jalan SS2/103
47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

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