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Monday, July 21, 2014

I Miss Makan

random post
Currently back in Singapore, preparing for the coming FOC.
After two months of break, coming back here really felt weird haha..
Really miss home now...
Miss how I can just run to the fridge and hunt for food...
Miss how I can just lie down on the couch for one whole day...
I know everyone says this but...MY HOLIDAYS IS REALLY TOO SHORT!!!
blame it on the working haha...
made me so stressed out and didn't really get to rest :(
alrighty, enough with the whining...

gonna share some photos heheh...

All cooked by me!!!
No joke!! and still got more that I didn't take photos of...
One of the best things during holidays
Experimenting with the kitchen!!
My favorites will be the Lala Soup (Top Left) and Kimchi soup (Bottom right)!
Others are like 红烧肉,TomYam Fried Rice, 宫保鸡丁,奶油鲍鱼菇,Kimchi Pancake etc
Love my kimchi pancake oso
super crunchy haha...
yeap wanna say thanks to all the web recipes available online! Cooking wont be this easy without those guidelines!!

 Aside from all the cooking, of course there's eating out!!
Malaysia food rocks arr!! Gonna miss all these!!

alright alright....time to 收拾心情 and work hard for the upcoming camp!
Praying hard that everything goes smoothly!!!
Thanks to the friends here, at least I don't feel that emo when I come back hahahah....

KK time to work....will try to update if possible
still got a couple of cafe hops to post about :D

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