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Sunday, February 28, 2016

CarmenXTW:清境一日游 : 青青草原 & 瑞士小花园 Qingjing Farm

It's part 2 of my weekend trip in Central Taiwan 
This is also the must-go place in Taiwan, Cingjing Farm 清境农场!
Cingjing farm is popular among tourist and also Taiwanese for being a highland getaway spot where there's constant chilly weather and breathtaking nature. It's kinda like Genting Highlands, where there are many holiday resorts and homestays that offers a great view of the mountains. I had seen some photos of the resorts which are European-castle themed and thus people call it 小欧洲 lol. 

Going to Qingjing: We were at Puli 埔里 town which is the nearest city to Qingjing mountains. You can take wither bus 6658 or 6659 from Puli's main bus terminal. The bus stops at various spots in Qingjing and will stop at the grassland 青青草原. (We took a coach no.6899 to Puli from Taichung Railway Station)

青青草原 Evergreen Grassland
Anyways, one of the main attractions here, is of course the wide grassland along the slope with sheep roaming freely around. Admission is TWD120 for students. 
Well to be honest, the grass is not as green as I imagined lol, probably because it's winter? I don't know haha. But I have to say, the weather was lovely, the sky was in a shade of bright and warm blue with a gradient on top the high and lush mountains. The fog at the mountains made it even more dream-like. I've never really seen skies that is totally blue without much clouds.It does look like it's painted in the pictures.   

oh goshh....still can't forget the moment I saw this
just so beautiful

just so you know, there were more people than sheeps lol
most of the sheep are busy entertaining the guests

Some children's fairy tale set

haha super unglam photo of me LOL
the sheep must be thinking "what is this crazy lady doing there"

The sky!!!! omggggg

From Qingqin grassland, there's a hiking trail that connects to The Swiss Garden 
Instead of taking the bus, I think walking down the trail will be a pleasurable experience. 

小瑞士花园 The Swiss Garden
A colorful garden with all sorts of pretty flowers, plants and a peaceful lake. I guess it's great for taking photos? But certainly not really worth the admission which is TWD90. 
Punpkin carriage

These purple and white colored lettuce kind of plants look super pretty and dreamy

Behind me is the autumn trees trail
one of the place you can appreciate the autumn colors in Taiwan

hehe the purple "lettuce" again :D

finally a rainbow hehe

Next, we decided to just chill out, grab some coffee and enjoy the breeze!  
This is one of place where you can get food, there's many restaurants in this complex. And if you're lucky you might even get a nice seat that overlooks the scenery.

and we had coffee from MOS Burger lolll

That's all for Qingjing. To be honest there isn't exactly much exciting stuff that you can do here. Which is why I guess most people are here to relax, take things slow, sip some coffee and take some photos kind of thing. So it would be great if you have more time to explore the place further. 

Some extras:

My youth hostel in Puli,埔里小镇 click here, which has individually parted rooms instead of dorms!
well i guess it does offer some kind of privacy but of course, you can still hear whatever movements inside the next room.

the ground floor restaurant where we had our buffet breakfast
As you can see, it's a European themed homestay and backpackers hostel. 
The staff were super friendly and even gave us directions to go Qingjing.  

I swear coffee, bread with butter is just super satisfying
there's also porridge and local side dishes for breakfast. 

7-11's coffee, yep it looks like Starbucks already seriously, but at half the price! 7-11 in Taiwan truly rocks. 

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