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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Chor1 update

Almost forgot d fact dat I have a mobile app. It's first day of cny! Oops i mean 2nd day. Back in PJ from dad's hometown Sagil, coz my parents weren't feeling well. Sad to be leaving so soon. Havent had my dose of cny mood yet haha. But anyhow, seeing news of Taiwan's earthquake really makes me feel grateful of the fact that my cny was a simple and happy one with all the right people around. Had reunion dinner as usual, with amount of food that covered every inch of the table's surface. And today, there's lion dance! I remember lion dance would appear at my granma house's doorstep every chor2 when I was still young. Really forgot how long has it been. Feeling nostalgic, missed the popping red firecrackers, loud cymbals, the cute lion marching into our house and chewing down veggie and Mandarin oranges. Well of course this time the lion dance routine was just a simple one, in fact not as exciting as what I used to watch haha, but i was quite surprised to see the team having Malay and Indian friends. Thanks to them for sacrificing their holiday and providing us with joy on our special chor1.

It's a brand new lunar year. Hope my family and friends will have a fun holiday. Hope me and parents will recover from our minor flu soon. Kk gonna sleep...

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