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Sunday, June 05, 2016

TGIF at Holland V: Bar Bar Black Sheep

Another TGIF and it's my first time meeting with the girls since we started our summer breaks. It's the first time for us to be meeting so far off campus, the most we've been to is just Jurong East LOL. Great to be meeting up and being ourselves again, noisy as ever. But instead of complaining about how ridiculous our lecturers are, we were pretty much talking about how mundane our life has become since internship, and dreaming a little bit about our Grad Trip haha.   

Had our dinner at Bar Bar Black Sheep, rather interesting restaurant that has both Western, Japanese and Indian cuisine on its menu! But too bad their Western kitchen was already closed when we arrived. Most of us had their Japanese don and one ordered the Mutton Curry.  

Agedashi Tofu (S$5.90) and Tempura Vegetables (S$8.90)  

Unagi Don (S$ 14.90)
Their kitchen ran out of Japanese rice and hence served this with the Basmati rice. 
Quite an interesting twist, sometimes I do get kinda sick with the round and sticky Japanese rice. The slightly crunchy texture of Basmati rice still goes well with the runny eggs and teriyaki sauce. The eel taste great, but the serving is a little small. 

Chicken Karaage Don (S$11.90)

Curry Salmon Don (S$13.90)
How to not like deep fried salmon. The curry taste pretty good, lots of potatoes and sweet onion. It's slight spicy but doesn't have the overwhelming aroma of tumeric. Not bad not bad. 

For the dons, they give a lot of you can see we just can't finish it. 

Well the food is okay, nothing much to complain about. Price, quite affordable and I appreciate the variety of food here. Ambience, very lively, for us it's fine coz we love to talk, but some might find it a little bit too noisy. Overall, it's good and I don't mind coming back to try other food. 

Bar Bar Black Sheep @ Holland Village
17D Lorong Liput, 
Singapore 277731

Moved on to second round at Breko Cafe, which is at another lively street of Holland V. 
We were pretty full from our dinner and hence was just craving a little bit of desserts, but turns out many of the desserts cafe close pretty early. End up visiting this cafe after checking out their dessert menu. 

Was pretty pleased by the ambience of the cafe but what came after we placed our order really disappointed me. Well we ordered only one dessert for the five of us since we weren't really hungry. I know we must have looked like those cheapskate customers in your eyes but do you have to be so rude? First they served us the knives and forks and to our horror, there's still traces of jam stained on the knives. When I say traces, I don't mean those tiny traces, I mean streaks of red jam that could hardly miss anyone's eyes. Damn disgusting, now I wished I took a photo of it. So we asked the waitress to change for us, and I asked politely summore. But the way she responded doesn't seem like she feels sorry to us at all. It's not like she was being totally rude, but still, you can feel that she just don't care much. Oh well, I don't understand why these people just don't see the lifetime value of customers. If they had treat us nicely, I would have come back next time for their brunch menu that looks very pleasing. But now, I think it's gonna be a few years before I visit here again.   

My pretty darlings. 
Our table at a very cosy corner of the cafe. 
But the sofas look pretty dirty tbh. 

Brownie Overload (S$13.90) and Flat White (S$5.00)
The dessert was just okay... probably because the waiter and waitresses' attitude killed our taste buds before we try this.

Well we still enjoyed ourselves despite the terrible service. Gonna make the most out of this trip since we probably won't visit again haha. 

And that's pretty much our Friday night. It's my first time spending a Friday night at Holland V, gotta say I love the atmosphere here. Just very lively and vibrant, but without getting too messy or noisy. Everyone's here to sit back and relax, blow water with friends and enjoy drinks. Will definitely check out more restaurants and bars over here in the future. 

It's almost a month since internship started. Hope we all jiayou and enjoy our internship journey!

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