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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Eat, Shop and Eat again: Kanshoku Ramen, Tokyo Pasta Mario & O'ma Spoon @Orchard

Throwback last week's day out with the ladies at Orchard Road. It's GSS so Orchard was pretty much congested with people, or maybe Orchard is always full of people, But I like how the day was, just eat, shop and back to eating again. 

First Stop at Kanshoku Ramen, Orchard Gateway:
One of us was craving for Ramen and I guess I haven't been trying Ramen shops other than Ippudo. This Ramen bar has a rather modern and hipster vibe, and you will surely not miss the super intense (almost pungent) aroma of truffles. The menu was kinda similar to Ippudo's, with only a few types of ramen and some sides such as pork bun and gyoza. 

Spicy Tonkatsu Ramen -- S$ 14.90 (add on s$2 for the Egg)
Similar to Ippudo's flavor, spicy, salty and aromatic, and I like the slightly crunchy noodles (I ordered it hard). Chashu was okay, wish it had thicker fatty layer haha.  

Black Garlic Ramen -- S$14.90
This one has the most attractive aroma. Super intense garlic taste that fills your whole mouth immediately, which I really love. 

Black Truffle Ramen -- S$16.90
The star of the restaurant. To be honest, at first I was having like a love-hate sensation for the pungent smell, it reminds me of how I use to like the smell of petroleum at gas stations haha. But having a taste of it, it's actually pretty good. But the aroma continues to attack my nostrils and it started to feel not so nice.But it's still a fun experience haha, never ever tried anything so weird and intense. 

The satisfying table of foooooddddd.
Also had Signature Kanshoku Ramen (S$13.90, left of Truffles ramen) and Chicken Gyoza (S$5.90).

Kanshoku Ramen Bar
277 Orchard Road,
OrchardGateway #01-06, 
Singapore 238858
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm

Next we moved on to shopping. Well didn't really like "sapu" all the shops in Orchard lar, but more like just hunting down deals at our favorite outlets like HnM, Uniqlo and Cotton On. Gotta say I really adore the HnM outlet at Orchard Building, I can try on clothes all day, even though I have no intention of buying, at all. 
I seldom come over to Orchard, gotta say I'm amazed with how this street is always loaded with people. 

Gotta share this, this photo is just so satisfying to look at. So much colors and bottles that look like they carry some mysterious chemicals. 

Didn't manage to buy these, so please allow me to own them for once in this photo haha
I am so in love with this denim jacket. Was debating with myself the whole time but I guess I'm still sane enough to not fall for it. Can't see myself wearing it tbh, not with SG's weather haha. 

All of us pretty much fell for the denum jackets in H&M

After all the walk, it's second stop at Food Republic at 313 Somerset
Had a more economical choice of pasta at Tokyo Pasta Mario. The menu offers Japanese style pastas and pizzas, example: Teriyaki Pizza, Mentaiko Pasta. Sounds interesting, but don't expect too much haha. But given its price, it's still good stuff to share. 
Mushroom and Bacon Miso Cream with Onsen Egg - S$6.80
This sounds so good, is like all my favorite stuff in one dish. It wasn't bad, but there's certainly no miso in the sauce. Just taste like diluted carbonara sauce. But the eggs did gave a nice flavor to the pasta. 

Chicken and Okra Mentaiko Sauce Pasta with Onsen Egg -- S$7.80

Tokyo Pasta Mario 
@ Food Republic 313 Somerset
Level 5, 313 Somerset
313 Orchard Road
Singapore 238895

Moving on to third round! Desserts at O'ma Spoon @313 Somerset to end our day. I remember seeing this dessert shop featured in HypeHunt but I guess the hype was over since there weren't any queues. Damnnn the bingsus are expensive! Good thing that it taste good or else I wouldn't have share this here. But I was more thrilled at the discovery of the Injeolmi Toast.  
Mango Cheese Bingsu -- S$18.90
Despite the price, this deserves a try. The mangoes are sweet and fragrant, together with the milky and smooth shaved ice, crunchy almond and nuts, it's a burst of textures. To be honest I don't know what's the point of putting that small little bit of cheesecake but the cheesecake taste good on its own. But I really do like the shaved milky ice, it's very close to what I had in Seoul. It's dry and crunchy initially but melts instantly on my tongue. Super syok haha.   

Injeolmi Toast -- S$8.90
Looks like a simple toast, wait until you slice them. Injeolmi is actually a type of rice cake, personally I think it's similar to mochi. Very sticky, fragrant and chewy. The rice cake is sandwiched between the toasts and it forms the very cheesy and sticky strands when you slice it. The powder is a mildly sweet soy bean powder. Really love this light and chewy dessert. Not sure if this toast is worth 9 dollars but I really do like it. 

O'ma Spoon 
#04-20/32, 313@Somerset, 
313 Orchard Rd, 
Singapore 238895

Photo with the pretty ladies. Thanks for your time and energy to shop and eat together haha. Fun day indeed. Hope there's next time!

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