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Friday, May 26, 2006


2day, my skool celebrated teachers day. So "malang" dat the present dat i wanna giv 2 my fave teacher was been spoiled by "someone"?? It was really boring during d assembly, the "ppl" were telling those boring speeches. After dat, we gather @ da hall, da performances were GREAT!!
But i didnt finish watching. 2day, i forgotten 2 bring da clothes in while it is raining. So.... i got scolded by my mom, of course. I felt very sry 2 her. PLZ FORGIVE ME MY MOTHER!!!!! After dat, i oso forgotten 2 take my shoes 2 wash, coz it is wet bcoz of yesterday's rain. Finally....GOT SCOLDED BY MY MUM AGAIN. Aiyo, i oso dunno y i can do such silly things. After dat, i went out wit my mum 2 get some snacks 2 eat. but bcoz of da rain(AGAIN, like yesterday) we didnt get anything.2day, i realize dat, I'M SO STUPID!!!!

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