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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Why stupid thing keep coming out in my life??

2day, didnt rain. happy, coz i didnt get scolded by my mom 2day. Haha, stupid things keep soming out in my life!!!! When it was 11a.m. My mom asked me 2 prepare sum fruits 2 eat. Fruits hav skin, of course u hav 2 peel it. When i was peeling it, suddenly, funnyly n stupidly, i peeled my own skin instead of the fruit's skin!! Funny or stupid huh?? My hand juz had a white wound, after dat, it bleeds. Horrible, so painful!!!! Even i can't wash or bathe my hand!! My mom gav me a gel 2 apply, n then wrap it with a plaster. After that, my mum, bro n i went out n took our lunch. Da meal was delicious(diz sentence was nonsense). When it was tea time, my dad bought sum snack 4 me, once i'm washing da plates. DA WOUND HURTS!!!! dad help me 2 wash lorr. I beg him 2 wash da dishes after da dinner. He agreed. Bcoz of the injury, i no need 2 wash da dishes. But it also make me suffered!!!!! At last, sweet dreams n hav a nice day!!!

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