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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I Can't Help Myself At All !!!

2day, noth stranged happened. Juz run my life as normal. I don't know why i get moody these days. Maybe bcoz of da wheather. Well, my mood changes according 2 da wheather. Sumtimes i was juz thinking, many thing changed!!!!! My family, my frendz n of course myself!!!! Y humans in diz century only could c our bad things instead of our good stuff?? It was juz like, the onli spot on a piece of white cloth was seen by ppl, but they didnt know there were 99.9% of da cloth was white!!! I'm so confused!! Secondly, y our image 2 other ppl could possibly been changed easily in a short while? Things shine at first. As time goes by, it will be dull n being ignore n necglate by others!! I can't help myself at all!

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