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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Getting tired

Girl Guides!! Girl Guides!! Girl Guides!! Everyday!! There must be a thing to do with girl guides everyday. Have to do the logs, tests n so on. Really tired, n i gt flu. We had pekhemah test today. Was kinda fun. N melayan tetamu test as well. Really cool man. But really tired. I just wanna sleep when i came back. But i get up when i heard Click Five's song. I really like them these days n i don't know why?? Though it's been a time since their 2nd album release. But i still love the songs like crazy. Love Kyle the most. He's so cute!! I cant go for their showcase on yesterday. Because, girl guides. Have to wake up early for the test, argh. Is free admission i think. At HardRock Cafe. And today, click five perform live in a TV show in the morning. I cant watch oso, because of?? Girl Guides again!! My mom watch it, n she say it was so nice!! eh, even my mom oso say nice, for sure it's really cool!! At least i watched them in quickie. They r really cute guys man. I love the songs in the new album. Really nice. But i still havent buy their album. No money lerr.... Thank God tomoro there's noth to do with GG, but still hav 2 do the log book. Anyways, Love The Click Five forever!!!

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