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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Living Out Your Destiny

Just came back from Loud concert at DUMC church with esther, erin, hilary, william, carena n.......... It was really a cool concert. Learnt a lot from d concert. N have a lot of fun as well. Juwita Suwito was the guest in the house. Her singing was totally nice man. Then, we prayed n prayed n prayed to God as he will help us to fulfill our dreams and destiny. I really wanted somebody to show me the way n giv me confiedence to fulfill my dreams. And today i know the person is gonna be God. Honestly, i'm really a person who is searching for directions to fulfill my dreams. I prayed n prayed n prayed for so many times, hope that God will tell me where to step up. And i don't really c God is telling me something. But i guess today in DUMC, God wanted me to come to this event. To learn about it. And i believe God will help me to fulfill my dreams from now on. I would like to thank God who gave me potentials. N i sort of trying to make use with it. Thank God for everything.

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