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Monday, November 26, 2007

My hols?? vry boring!! nothing to do but work. Meeting stuff, piano and so on. this year's holiday is so boring. is the worst among the previous year end hols. i really need something to do with, i dun wan my hols 2 be meaningless. 2day was kinda tiring, piano class in the morning, n i have to start practicing d exam pieces, runsing lerr coz it's nt ez. But i still love piano. Then watched some DVD, tv shows and so on. I've been listening to music for the whole afternoon, it's really enjoying. I love one of The Click Five's song, Mary Jane. To me, it's really touching. Then do diz n dat, played da comp. so u c, my hols is totally boring. i miss school. n i'm wondering y they end the school so fast?? No chance for us to enjoy. I still rmb we were watching movies, playing cards and games last year. Really miss my friends, Christine & Jessie(my lou po's), Daphney, Florence, Fiona, Say Wei, Wei Nian, every1 in 2br..............
I'm going to Genting next week!! Yay, i've been waiting for so long, my last visit was d begining of d year. I'm going with my cousins, so we r so gonna have fun. N we're gonna play mahjong and cards all nite long!! of course we're gonna play at d theme park oso la. I got something to suggest that u must do while u r in genting. Have a teh tarik at da coffee shop of the hotel(either highland or genting). It's really nice. My cousin sis love doing it. Though d price is way higher than normal teh tarik. Just can't wait to go there.

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