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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wedding Photography by Nikon D60

fuh....another weekend gone...just like that
okay, it's not really just like that la
It was after all My Cousin's Wedding!!!
yea I sound like as if I never been to a wedding before
well in fact I've never been to a close relative's wedding before...
and yea so the "Raja Sehari" was my cousin and of course his beautiful bride, now known as "Biu Sou"
yea this is like my only opportunity to try Shooting Wedding Photos without feeling like a weird stranger/stalker
So here's of the photos...

Let's start with the Sepia photos which I really like =)

My Cousin Sister-in-law veeeeerrrry pretty right??

Yea, I had fun being the quarterhalf-pro Wedding Photographer of the day...
As you can see, there was real photographers and videographers over there, I felt kinda "paiseh"
I really really like to do this....
so...If you're going to marry someday, must hire me to be your wedding photographer kay??

Will upload more photos on fb...

I just wanna wish my cousin and his wife, Happy Newlywed!!
May your Love for each other and love for life last for eternity.
May your lives be filled with Happiness and Joy and Peace!!
and and and....don't forget to give me the "double angpow" lerr!!

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