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Monday, March 14, 2011

Gasoline @ Sunway Pyramid Food Review

Went to Sunway Pyramid Last Saturday
went to this Pirate-Ship Teamed Restaurant called Gasoline
Located at the Asian Avenue in SP
First time visiting this cute restaurant since I seldom go Sunway Pyramid =)
The place is cute and the food is good!!

There's an interior part and exterior part of the restaurant.
At the interior part, you have to sit on this cushion, something like Japanese Style

Photo Credits to
Here's how it looks like from the outside
A Pirate Ship =)

The only thing that separates you from other tables is this White Color Drape =)

Kay Now, The Food =)
Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet Rice -- RM 7.90

Breaded Scallops -- RM4.90
Tempura Squid Rings -- RM 5.90

Black Tea Latte -- RM5.00

Lychee Rose Tea Latte -- RM 5.50
This is damn awesome!! 
It's nothing similar to Bubble Tea
It really is Milk Tea with Lychee and Rose Flavor =)
Really nice...

The food were great too, yummy and filling =)


Cute Wall Art

Let me out!!!!

Really like this place =)
The food was awesome, the place is cute and one thing that I like most, they play the best music. All the music that you want to listen....hehe

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