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Friday, August 26, 2011

Busy going to Busier

Very Busy 2 weeks, Really couldn't find time to blog.
Well in short, I still played inter cohort games almost every afternoon though Grade 8 piano exam is in one week's time. But I didn't regret la, long time never play basketball edi and it was very fun to play with players from other cohorts. It really is a GAME. But I didn't do well, we only won one match.
 ankle pain like crazy....

Oh then there was MCKL Audition last monday. And surprisingly I passed mannn, and I made it to the top 10. I thought it was gonna be the finals, but turns out they still have another elimination round. which happened yesterday. They only tell us about elimination on this monday. Basically I was in shocked lorrr, yesterday was initially like my Piano Big Day and you tell me I have another Big Thing??? and yea, My Day BURST! I didn't do well in both sides. During Monday to wednesday, I was kind of restless la, when I play Piano, I think of singing, when I'm singing, I think of my piano. So yea, I'm kind of sad. If both things can just DON'T happen on the same day. Even one day later will do. I would have done better. I was very very nervous when I was playing the piano and also singing. Singing "zao yum" summore. It's like totally different from how I practiced. yea, I'm really sad. Some of my friends still paid for the event to come support me. Really feel bad that I didn't show my best. Anyways I love you guys, thanks for showing me so much support!! Jiachee, Brandon, SookChing, Maggie!!!

Plu8 Plus PluS.....Business Club was having Appreciation Week. Which we have to package more than 500 packages with lollipop and chocolates inside. I stayed back to help out, then have to buy ribbons. But of course I shudn't complain about my workload at all. Others were doing much much more, as in they stayed up all night just to finish everybody's gift. I felt really really bad for not helping them. But what am I suppose to do??? That's why I wished if that week could just be, less, LESS, hectic.  

Oh then there's so many people's Bday.... I'm just gonna shout their names here...
18th of August -- My Bestie Cousin, Vince

21st of August -- My awesome-est highschool "ji mui", Sook Ven

23rd of August -- One of my best friends in college, JiaChee

25th of August -- always my sweetest and dearest loupo, Christine Cheah

and the tall and quiet girl/future supermodel who always get annoyed by me in college, Yian Yeen.
 She's the girl on the left. Very tall right....

Happy Birthday Girls! You know I Love you :)

oh oh 22nd of August is also my Aunt Michelle's Bday. Love you!!

Cute Jia Chee's Bday. 
Photo Credits to Maggie Kok at


and today....went to Sunway Lagoon....
Raining summore, I think i'm having a flu edi TT.TT
But it was really really fun. I went on the 360 degree pirate ship. I was scared to hell mannnn, but turns out it's not that scary laaa, but I wont let myself be scared for a second time!!! NEVER.
will post the photos if I have time :D

well, I think I'm gonna blog less. Qualifying Test is coming soon soon soon. Really gotta study, havent start at all.Hope I can do well! Byezzz

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