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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Always Beta, and Beta Always


Always Better, Always Beta

Say Pink!


Funny photos during experiment in physics lab, shot by our Physics Lecturer.

CuTe PeoPle thaT I lOvE......

This two never fail to make me have the "awwwwwww-soo-sweet" moment whenever I see them....

Always make me laugh!

My Beloved Sakai-Gang!!!
Nothing beats the sakai-moments we have! XD

Photo with Physics Lecturer 
(Until now, I still cant change the habit of calling them teachers instead of lecturers)

Already Good Photo

Beta (better) Photo!!

Well this post is just for a shout out to all my awesome Beta-ians...
Thanks for being awesome friends to me
I love all the time we spent together
Talking, Laughing, Gossiping, Singing, Laming, Joking, Last-minute-homework-ING, Studying and also Sakai-ing,
Really wanna Thank You all....
I know I'm not a really good person, thanks for accepting my flaws and also TAHAN my noisiness.
I will do all I can to be the best college mate for you guys :D
and I'll treasure every memories we shared!
Exams are coming soon, I hope ALL of us can pass with flying colors!!!!!
Coz we're Beta-ians!!!!! XD
So add oil add oil ba!

BTW I'm honored to be the class photographer. Thank you very muchie....


  1. u're an awesome fren to have la... love u always.. muackzz....

  2. awwwwwww love u la....u r like d 1st mckl-ian to comment on a blog post LOL
    and u r also a awesome friend too, never forget that :D


Love Nuffnang


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