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Saturday, April 07, 2012

JinYun's Bday Outing

fuhyoh.....almost one month didn't blog edi!!! Goshhhh....
Having trial exam now, one more paper to go but, i'm acting as if trials are over LOL
just had an outing with my dear collegemates yesterday and yes it was F.U.N!!!
I didn't take photos, so I wasn't gonna blog about it until this angel, Maggie, who knows me well, she sent me all the photos that she took yesterday, knowing that I might wanna blog about it! Thank you so muchieee dear!! and yes, I'm gonna defrost my blog with your beautiful photos... :D

So yeap, It was my college buddy Jinyun's Soo's Bday (also Physics exam day LOL) Went to Sushi Zanmai at Fahrenheit 88 to have lunch with her.

yea that's us, Daniel Boon, Crystal, Pauline, Maggie, Ivy, Jasmine, Irene, Carmen, Joseph, Daniel Cheng
Just realize everyone have an English name (eventhough some dont use it), so i might as well use them now :D Jinyun is gonna kill me for calling her Jasmine hahahahahahah :D

Anyways, had an awesome lunch. The food there is awesome as always....hehe...look at these beautiful photos taken by Maggie :D

Strongly recommended by Irene and Jasmine. Really nice wan!!! 
Salmon Mentai :D
my fave...dunno how to describe the taste but yeah it's just too nice!
One slice was definitely not enough!

Hanpen Cheese Spider Roll - Their Promotional item for the month
Pretty nice :D

Chicken Katsu with Shoyu Ramen - Ramen has always been my all-time fave.
Makes u full and it's not expensive!

So one of our highlights is for the Bday Girl to solve her Bday Message Puzzle
which every single one of us in Beta Class delivered every single piece of puzzle one by one to her before hand. Yea see her solve the thing, smack her head summore LOL! something u dont really see from Professor Soo.
My idea was that everyone of us deliver one piece of puzzle, so that the whole thing is complete because of the whole class's efforts. But pretty sad, one was missing :( but it's okay, i'm really grateful that almost all of us  made an effort into this even though trials are on the way. 
Can never forget the funny things that happened where we almost ruined the surprise hahahaha. 

Group Shot :D

Sushi Zanmai @ Fahrenheit 88
Lot 2-03, 2nd Floor, 
Fahrenheit 88,
No.179 Jln Bukit Bintang, 55100 KL. 

SushiZanmai OS :

So after lunch, all the girls went window shopping hehehe....
time for we girls to spend some quality time together LOL
really had fun walking around with these girls...

then yumcha at Ochado@Tokyo Street

had Okinawa Milk Tea with Pearls for me, well, I think it's pretty nice because it's not that sweet and it had a little bit of bitter tea taste to it. Sheauwen (Ivy) ordered Pop Eggs Milk tea, LOL, I didn't know pop eggs are so nice!!!! Sheau wen totally fell in love with it and kept on singing bubble pop LOL

After that, hmmm camwhore session....

The Maknae of the class in the middle :D

Yeap, the one at the centre is Maggie, who all these photos belongs to her. Thanks so much once again!

Had a really really fun day, maybe too happy and too warm edi, fell sick after i reach home LOL
cant wait for our next outing!!

Photo taken by Pavillion's Security Guard....haha....seriously no sense of photography...

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