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Saturday, April 14, 2012


Pika-Pika Chuuuuuuuu

I'm being very nostalgic these days, I've been playing with my old toys, listen to Backstreet Boys and Westlife very frequently these days....and all the memories of me and brother started flooding in haha...
we used to watch and sing to all the BSB and westlife MV's when we were both in primary school. He would borrow CD's from his friends and we can watch the music videos every single day until our mom stops us haha.... 

and just recently when i started playing all the BSB songs through TV's Youtube, the same thing happened again haha....I hope our neighbor wasn't too annoyed about it...

It just suddenly hit me that things change so much, the only thing that will never change is your family...

okay, something random :
Soy Milk Tea
ChaTime's queue was so freaking long so decided to try something new.
Buddy Soy Smoothies' Soy Milk Tea With Pearls - RM5.80
Pretty nice, very strong soy milk taste, which i really like, but the pearls are not so nice. For the same price, ChaTime is definitely more worth it.
In fact, i though QBean's Flavored Soy Milk taste much better.

Buddy Soy Smoothies @ 1 Utama
Lower Ground, Lot LGK 112
Bandar Utama

Buddy Soy Smoothies OS

I dont think I can blog much about food anymore.... Have to stop spending too much money. plus have to save up some money for my class trip. Really hope that we can go!!! wanna try out all the yummy malacca food! by that time I'll blog about food kau kau la kay? :D

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