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Friday, April 20, 2012

Thyme Bakery & Cafe @ Aman Suria + Snowflake Combo

Went to Easter Rally today, and yes had a great time enjoying God's presence!! 

after that, Mommy wanted to shop at some boutique, but I wasn't in the mood to shop. So yea, went to Thyme @ Aman Suria which is just opposite the boutique. You know me la, happy oso eat, emo oso eat wannnnnn
Thought that my mom was gonna take really long because she usually do, snapped some photos (using my ancient antique phone) while I waited for her haha...

English Rose Fresh Milk (Hot) -- RM 3.90
Thumbs Up for this!!
English rose had always been one of my fave tea flavor, but for this one it's english rose milk! The wonderful scent, the mild sweetness....mygosh die liaooo
the scent kind of save me from those fishy-smell phobia after those experiments with Amines (which smells like a whole truck of rotten fish---okay this part is abit potong since i'm talking about yummy food)
anyways, see, there's some english rose petals summore! really nice and the price... zzang!!

Tried their New York Cheese (RM6.90) since it's like the only sliced cake they sell. 
Very yummy, but the portion is a bit too big for me, yes, I rarely say food is too much wan, but for this one, it's really too much. Not that i'm sick of it la, the portion is just too big, my stomach was really really full. 
The base is actually oreo cookies :D the cheese, very smooth and not too sweet. Like like, but i would share it with someone next time. 

Like I said, they dont sell much cakes in slices, but in a whole. And they sell pretty unique things like tarts, very nice swiss rolls and of course all kinds of bread and buns. Their Chocolate Mint Tart is really really nice! Check out their facebook page to see all kinds of cake design they have!
D39-G, Jalan PJU 1/45, 
Aman Suria, 
47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

A REvisit:
Then, on wednesday.... hehe.....somebody belanja us snowflake, u know who u are! Thank You Very Much!!!
so yea, ordered Combo B and also Sea Amber Jelly from Combo A :D

The Bestseller, awww look at the Taro balls!! dont u think they LOOK yummy, n yeap they taste yummy! Really yummy!! The milk makes it really tasty!

Sheauwen's Soya Ice series with all the awesome toppings!!
pearls, redbeans, taro, grass jelly!
The soya ice is really nice, smooth, very strong aroma of the soy milk, taste good, not too sweet. I would love it more if they can make it super super fine, that it'll melt right away in your mouth... 

Sea Amber Jelly,
pretty special, abit like Aiyu, but not that sour, just a small tinge or sour, the jelly's texture is pretty nice...  

Always my fave, Taufufah with Taroballs :D
(sorry for the green tone, if you go to Sungei Wang's snowflake, you'll know why)
yea my friend was surprised that I wanted Taufufah coz she was worried that no one would want to eat the taufufah in the combo LOL
anyways, the Taufufah texture is really really good, and I love the mild sweet taste of soy bean!!! the taroballs are soft, but not too gummy. Nice one!

Chat a lot while eating!!! I think we were really loud. okay i thunder, always louder.... 

See the Snowflake Master.....

Snowflake @ Sungei Wang
LG001, Lower Ground Floor, 
Sungei Wang Plaza,
Jalan Bukit Bintang 
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Snowflake OS : 

Okay, for real this more blogging....
goodness, exam is like just weeks away and I havent start studying...
guess i wont have the luck anymore....

anyways, today was indeed a happy day! Saw a friend of mine accepted Christ and witnessed how God had His Plan in mind. 
Yesterday night, i thought i should bring my bible with me since it will be Easter Rally tomorrow, but I wasn't gonna bring my big fat bilingual bible, and then I saw a small lil new testament bible (in chinese) at my bookshelf. Obviously it belongs to no one coz I'm the only Christian in the family. I was debating whether I should bring it, was it really necessary? but I brought it anyway, But then I did not bring the bible into the event today, in fact the pastor didn't really mention any scriptures, so i was thinking to myself, "haiz...brought the bible for nothing" Then my friend told me she accepted Christ. I was overjoyed mannnnn!!! so I started talking to her about what she can do now, and then I remember the bible that I brought. and yea....that was when I realize there was a purpose of me bringing the bible. To give it to someone else. My friend didn't believe me when I told her I have a bible that I could give her right now LOL and yea, Me and my friend were so so amazed by how things turned out and we kept on smiling ....Praise the Lord!

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