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Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Good 3 Years to come....

yeap it's already week 2 of my Global Econs Degree in Utar
well, so far so good i must say
till now, I already have very cute and helpful classmates and also awesome and fun housemates
I'm really grateful
well I must say the life I have now, seems very different from before
people I meet, things to say, work to do...everything is just so...not-what-i-expected LOL
well of course I'm not complaining, I knew it's meant to be like that right? To learn new things and adapt to changes (or make others change, which is more like my style LOL) one way or the other, the process wont be easy I suppose, but yet I'm still excited for the things to come, the changes that will happen hehe
In simple words, must add oil lo...I'm sure that more input, gives more output hehehehe :D
I really miss my college though, I really miss how crazy I can be when I'm around my classmates, all those times where we can just sing in the class when the teacher is busy writing and also 38 and sakai around the college as if we're in our own world. I really did took things for granted I guess, now I really treasure all the moments I had with my collegemates...
Okay I shall be positive, maybe it takes a little bit of time to reach the optimum level LOL
anyways, here's some random photos that I have from the past 2 weeks...

From top-left :
A Photo of a tissue paper note from my roommate lol....i just find it really cute so i snapped a photo haha
Steamboat with my housemates!! Actually I'm also surprised by the fact that we actually gotten so close in just 2 weeks time. 
BBQ party hosted by the PMP Programme at Cypress Condo's Poolside weee
Clock at my hostel, look at the time, FYI it's in the morning, I took this photo after a long chat with my housemates hehe....yes i'm just surprised by how long our conversation was. 
again, Photos from BBQ party, had a great time and met a lot of new friends, FUN.

One of the best parts in the last two weeks
Pasar Malam!!
Went to Sungai Long's with the classmates
and also Taman Connaught's Long Long Pasar Malam with KaiThorng, Jinwen and Kaixin.
Must say thanks to Kaixin for driving and also safely sent us home LOL
Food Hunting at Connaught
well there were suppose to be more photos but I was just too busy eating and didn't bothered to take all photos hehe
Had lots of fun that night hehe... 

LOL meet my first classmate in UTAR aka Stinky-Tofu-Fan
i'm grateful to have her, thanks for always walking with me to uni and have lunch together
I hope we'll get closer soon :D fast fast unleash your 38-ness larrrrr :P

so far, the girls in my class are really awesome people, so cheerful, funny and helpful.
I hope we can do more things together next time, not just studying, but maybe hang out at some other places :D

my roommate and housemate : awesomely-awesome haha
until now i still cant believe how easy we got along
my roommate is a very cheerful and funny girl, in fact very talented as well, I'm always impressed by what she does..
My housemates, glad that they are all Econs student, all so helpful and friendly
honestly you guys made my dream come true, the dream of having housemates that I can talk, chat, ask, and laugh with...thanks for being so friendly, I hope I didn't give any trouble to you guys, and If i did, thanks for understanding and forgiving my mistakes :D

OKOK, midterm on tuesday omg...
please i dun wanna fail maths, I WILL CRY, no joke :(
die la, i feel very giasu now LOL
maybe bcoz all the midterms will be part of the final score sigh
another thing that i needa get use to...
have to change my study pattern edi :( 
unlike a-levels, the trials-get-F-oso-never-mind exam :P

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