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Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Coffee and Spice Company @ 1 Utama

After Aeon reopened at old wing, I always pass by this cozy coffee shop right at the entrance of Old Wing.
The place look, expensive LOL despite the nice ambience, I've never really wanted to dine there. Then there I was, jalan-jalan-ing after some shopping, then saw this big poster saying Tea Time Set for only RM5.90.
Okay aunty mode on edi LOL had a closer look and realize my eyes read correctly hehe...
So basically, I ordered a Set A, which consists of a Blueberry Tart, Durian Tart, Siew Mai and Earl Grey Tea. All these for RM5.90++ u tell me, "dai" or not?? The place has Free Wi-Fi too.  

Oh forgot to say what coffeeshop am I talking about
It's the Coffee and Spicy Company

Blueberry Cheesetart and Durian Tart
Cheese tart was nice, but the durian wan, homg, it's like it has a rock durian candy inside the tart...
Super hard, cant even bite through.   

 Earl Grey Tea
Always the favorite :D

Siew Mai
quite delicious, i think it's made of fish because it has a consistency of chewy fishballs. Delicious. 
actually there's other types of siew mai which u can choose from, got vegetarian one, mushroom one and etc 

Something extra that I ordered
it costs RM4.50
I know, slightly expensive, but it taste good!
Crunchy and fragrant. Love the flavor of spring onions and shrimp.  

while waiting for my dad to fetch me and brother..... 
I didn't read freakonomics because I'm taking Glocal Econs
it's just a book that I found in my brother's room, seems interesting hehe...

KK i'll try to update with more food posts :D
hopefully can introduce more food from Sungai Long hehe

The Coffee & Spice Company
Lot G118-G119, 1 Utama Shopping Center,
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 47800

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