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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bonne Grey, Menera Hap Seng KL

Okay okay i needa talk about food now so that this blog can remain somehow as my foodblog weeee
so, here's some photos that I'd taken when I had lunch at Bonne Grey @ Menara Hap Seng
well I dined ALONE because I didn't realize the groupon was going to expire, so I didn't have time to find a lunch date. I bought the groupon because I thought I can use it when I'm hungry after Korean Language class at KTO. But somehow I kept forgetting to print the coupon out, stupid me. Then after so much procrastination...the coupon was going to expire in 2 days time. I went straight to the restaurant without reservation. The waitress there was kinda "behsong" that I didn't make reservation, well I know it's my fault so I didn't want to argue and went on taking a seat because I was way too hungry(after taking IELTS) and I didn't mind to pay. Then the manager saved my day weeee, he made exception for me. Reason? "Because you are alone." damn it, made me sound so kesian lol...
but honestly I don't see the reason to why they wouldn't let me use the coupon lorrr, the restaurant was unoccupied! seriously, it was lunch hour but nobody was there except a Malay couple. but the waitress said they are fully booked summore, like seriously? 

Anyways the waitress who "behsong" me turned out to be very sweet and polite afterall. The other waiters were nice too. One of them even came forward to suggest me to change my main course to Sandwich and Fries because he heard me saying that I'm hungry lol. The environment was great too, I really don't understand why the place was so empty. 

okay, so, the groupon consist of A salad, a main course, a dessert and a drink. Pretty standard, but quite worth it for RM16.00 nett

The Garden Salad
with sweet cherry tomatoes and crunchy greens and carrots, topped with Thousand Island sauce. 

The main - Smoked Salmon sandwich
at first when the waiter suggested Sandwich, i though isn't sandwich even smaller in serving?
well i didn't know fries are included. Super filling.
The salmon was nice, with all the tomatoes inside. But the bread was...super hard. 
used a lot of strength to slice it and also chew it. Really suggest them to use another kind of bread. 
The fries were delicious, crispy with strong flavor of black pepper. Yum!

Peach Tea

The dessert! Belgian Waffle with Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Drizzle
my gosh this is so so nice!!!!
The warm waffle was like crunchy and soft the the same time, I really like the texture. Pair it up with the ice cream and choco sauce, it's just hot and cold, sweet and tasty but not too much. Really love this one.

So yea I stepped out with a super loaded stomach. RM16.00 was worth it afterall. 
anyways the restaurant serves a range of desserts and coffee as well. 
Find out more from there FB page :

Bonne Grey
Lot G-11 Ground Floor
Menara Hapseng
Jalan P Ramlee 50200
Kuala Lumpur

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