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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Artisan Coffee Bar @ Bangsar Village

Time to introduce some chilling treats after all those heavy dining posts haha...
Artisan Coffee Bar @ Bangsar Village 2
My friend told me that their HQ at TTDI makes really good coffee. She's a coffee person larrr, so I know whatever she recommends must be nice! So when I knew that there's a branch at BV, I was really excited to try it out! 

It's a bar in the middle of a shopping center. I would say the place does reflect the coffee bar's name, looks like a hub for artists to think and get inspiration or something haha.... with those very bright yet nostalgic lights...wooden chairs and tables...

Latte Art, So pretty right?

I ordered a Cafe Mocha -- RM12
Love the super fragrant cocoa taste...
it's also very smooth with sweetness of milk and rich aroma of coffee
Nice arrr!!!

Fiona and Hayden's Latte -- RM11
from what I heard, it's very smooth, they even had a second cup!

The Last Polka IceCream in Deep Dark Chocolate -- RM9.20
courtesy of Hayden :)
super chocolaty taste, but the texture is more towards icy popsicle, not that creamy. Not to sweet, okay lor hehe
With the highschool friend, enjoying the coffee, ambience and chit-chatting. 

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