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Sunday, August 18, 2013

New Place, New Face, New Race

Kay I shall update abit about my life in NTU just to tell you guys what a life I'm having hahahahah
Not to say I'm like having a very happening life larrr...
but the first two weeks were fun,
however there were still some emo moments....

Now let's start with the fun parts first larr...
The Freshman Orientation Camp organized by Malaysian Students Association!
while I was worrying about not knowing anyone in NTU on the first day I reach
this bunch of friends and seniors just took all those fear and doubts away!
The camp lasted for 5 days, thought it was long, but now that I think of it, 5 days certainly wasn't enough. It it one of those camps where you do crazy stuffs and hope time passes quickly but when the camp is over and you look back at the memories, you would feel no regrets about joining the camp.

So the camp was about bonding new students with seniors, getting familiar with the new environment and also have fun around uni and also Singapore!
Camp was packed with fun, crazy, interesting and even scary activities haha...
Did lots of stupid stuff, said lots of dirty words, played lots of crazy games and most importantly, met lots of good friends.

Day 1 -- PK Station Games on campus
Our group got second place!!

Day 2 Jalan Jalan around Singapore!
It was actually a treasure hunt, but I'm glad that our group decided to make it more like a sightseeing trip instead of rushing around to find treasure only! Singapore does have it's charm, many beautiful buildings with impressive architecture!  


this is Thor!!!


beautiful nightview!! So in love with the place, hope to picnic there some day hehe

Day 3 - Games with AMCISA and Fright Night
AMCISA is another MY students association that gathers students from independent school. So we basically merged and had our new group of friends from the same course. Completed many fun tasks!
Fright Night was one of the best things in camp, though I hated the process, but seriously, it was a memorable experience. It's like visiting a haunted theme park without paying lerr!!! Really wanna give credits to the programmers behind this Fright Night who put in so much effort to turn NTU into an instant Haunted Mansion! The props, (bloody walls, dolls, heads, photos, lighting) the scare actors (costume, make-up, expression), the music HOMG damn scary lorrr!!! I was closing my ears most of the time hahahah sibeh scary weih....btw credits to my partner for being so brave throughout the journey and always step up first...
and also, not just putting up d props, keeping them and cleaning up the place must be super tiring, seriously appreciate their effort weih!

Day 4 -- iTrust and X Files
iTrust is a group activity done in total darkness...basically the games aim to bond group members together. For X Files, hehe quite a fun game too, our mission was to save our Leaders who were "kidnapped" There were riddles and questions to be solved, basically I didn't involve myself in any of the solving part haha....feel damn useless. My groupmembers were all lke Gods and Goddesses mann, they can solve the questions in less than a minute while I was still trying to digest what the instructions were yea i gave up solving but instead tried to look for clues, which I turn out to be useless again, coz I couldn't find any LOL
Anyways, with our teamwork, our leaders were saved in no time!

 Yeap they even use a lorry to pick us up!! Btw, we were blindfolded during the whole session, so yea, imagine urself, can't see anything and squatting in a lorry, not knowing where we're going, quite exciting de lorr!!

The slide!!! damn syok seriously. Being blind just makes more fun!

Day 5 -- Sentosa Island and Closing Ceremony
went to Singapore's most famous Sentosa island and explored around the island! Basically it's station games again, and we walked around sentosa to fulfill tasks. From the beach, to the merlion statue, to the Resorts World etc etc It was just really great to do fun things while exploring a busy area... After the games, it was fun time at the beach! Enjoyed the sun and the waves with my dear group mates!
At night, we had to perform our sketch and also our final Cheer! Everyone was so hyper! When the camp ends, the place turned into a dance floor haha! Had lots of fun just moving around and enjoying the fun atmosphere!

At the beach, with da girls!

So yea that's pretty much about camp, well I wish I know better english to describe how fun the camp was larr....Once again, wanna say thank you to everyone that I know through the camp. Friends, seniors, committees, photographers. Everyone is just so caring and helpful! There's no pay/salary for running around with us, teaching us, leading us but yet the seniors and committee decided to involve themselves just to make us freshies happy. Really very gamdong!! I'm inspired to do the same thing to next year's freshies! 

Kinda miss my groupmates now, hope we can meet up soon!

Anyways....well I'm currently I'm in PJ
yes, class just started for one week and I just couldn't wait to come home!
Homesick very bad haha
Probably because SG is totally a new place, with new faces...
For the first few days I thought my hostel seem like an inmate cell...small windows, dim lighting....
I just feel moody whenever I stayed in my room, but thanks to the friends, I'm feeling much better now, not that lonely at least....
Anyways I'm sure after this short holiday, I'll be able to live through the semester with courage!

kinda like this photo
except that it looks like i din zip my shorts wth haha

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