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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

CarmenXTW: 悠游垦丁 Kending Weekend Getaway Day 1

Keeping this blog alive is really a difficult task!! 
So much to post with little time. 
It's week 5 already and I'm still posting about week 4

I guess I will mainly share photos and reduce the length of my writing haha...
Let the photos speak ba..

It's another weekend and we decided head to the beach
Kending is also one of the main attractions in Taiwan, famous for its beautiful coastline. It's a place for both sightseeing and water sports!

For Day 1, we focused on the tourist attractions and scenic areas while Day 2 was a day-full of beach fun. Day 3 was also an exploring day of Kending's natural scenery.

Moving around in Kending: For Day 1, we actually chartered a 6 seater cab with a driver to take us around. You may plan your itenary ahead and discuss with your driver. But bad experience here, the driver on Day 1 was kinda stubborn and kept objecting on the places that we wanted to go. Saying this is not nice, that place nothing to see and stuffs. And remember to inquire exactly how many hours of service will the driver be providing coz for us, the driver promised us for one whole day of service until night time but on the day itself he just insist he had to go back by 4pm. 

1. Cape No. 7 Movie Set: Ah Jia's House 阿嘉的家
I guess many asians would have heard of this award winning film from Taiwan which was shot in Kending. Well we didn't enter the house coz there's an admission fee of 50TWD. Not that I'm a cheapskate I just thought the house wouldn't be much of a special place. Plus the place was flooded with tourists!! Don't think I'm gonna enjoy moving around so many ppl within that small little house.

 But there's always a reason to take a photo haha

2. Fish watching at HongChai Keng 紅柴坑漁港
Not worth the money at all. Just a semi-submarine for you to observe the fishes and coral underneath. But there weren't much fishes and corals in the first place. Gonna give a NO for this, but I guess parents with small kids would love this. Admission was 380 TWD

Those who have motion sickness might hate this more haha

Our seafood lunch at HongChai Keng 紅柴坑
Quite delicious, but being students, seafood is still quite not so affordable to us haha..
Those dishes together with a Stir Fry Sweet Potato Leaves, cost only 700TWD!
The fish taste good and the Onion Pork (top right) taste awesome!!

3. 白沙湾Bai-Sha Bay
Beautiful beach and I love the constantly rolling waves. The waves and clouds were like reflections of each other.  

4.貓鼻頭 Maobitou Park
One of Kending's symbolic sites. Love the view over here! The sea was of a shade of cobalt blue and the skies full of cotton-candy-like clouds! The wind was strong and the waves beat hard against the beautiful rock cliffs! Never seen anything like that before in my life and I just can't help but to think how lucky I am haha...

yeaaa see the number of tourist up there

with bunch in the crazy wind haha
(sorry for the LQ photos, it's a backup file)

5. 鹅銮鼻 Cape Eluanbi  
The most iconic place in Kending situated at the southernmost part of Taiwan. Once again, great sights of nature, green grasses, blue sea, sun light and blue sky!  

The Lighthouse 

6. 龍磐公園 Long Pan Park
Love this place as well!! Standing before the blue sea on top of a sandy cliff, feeling the wind against my forehead was one awesome experience haha. My photos don't look very nice coz it was already dusk. But I can tell u the view is very pretty here as it's like a cape, so unlike the infinite sea you see at Maobitou, you will see both the sea and great mountains before you. 

 Looks like a paw to me haha

7. 垦丁大街 Kending Main Street
Super bustling street lined up with loads of shops, guesthouses/BNBs and food!! There's also plenty of night clubs and pubs around. This is the spot for Kending' night life. Shop around, choose from a wide range of street food or enjoy at a pub.

Shops selling all you need at the beach
Sunglasses, bikinis, caps, hats beach pants etc etc

Super huge Havainas shop with a bikini lady haha

French Fries Corn Dog -- TWD50 
Nothing can go wrong with french fries, hotdog and ketchup

珍珠蛋奶 Pearl Milk Tea -- TWD40
Super soft pearls which is easy to chew and not too sweet. They use fresh milk so it's less creamy and less sweet.

And that's day 1 with breathtaking views of the ocean and mountains. Time for some splashing time in the sun for Day 2.....

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