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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Merchant's Lane @ Petaling Street

Was looking back at some photos from my Sembreak and I think I should share about this place asap before this place becomes major LOL or maybe it already is 

It's a restaurant that I would say, be one of my favorites so far, in terms of it's ambience. Recently KL has this booming trend of Hipsters Cafes popping up and most of them look the same to me now. It's either vintage setting, contemporary-manhattan kind, or industrial style interiors. This restaurant rocks coz they gave the ancient shoplot of KL a modern twist while keeping the Malaysian touches. 

Merchant's Lane 美真林@Petaling Street 

Located on the first floor of a shoplot along KL's Petaling Street, you might easily miss the entrance if you didn't look carefully haha.
But the entrance is already triggering some memories of old skul Kopitiam in Malaysia.

 Awwww I love how they used Turquoise as the main color!! 

The old school menu!

They used the metal tables where you can see blurred reflections of yourself, i bet you've seen this in Kopitiam or old restaurants also. 

South China Sea -- RM24.00
I guess I seldom eat so healthy haha
So many colorfully diced veggies, with crunchy and fragrant deep fried potato strips. The salmon was pan seared with mild seasoning. Dipping them in the runny eggs is just delicious!

 Chicken Tender Salad -- RM17
I think it's delicious but the friend prefers it without the mayo. 
Tender and juicy chicken strips with fresh veggies and mayo that gives the right amount of seasoning and flavor to all the ingredients. 

Pomegranate Cooler -- RM14

Iced Matcha Latte -- RM15

another reason why I love the place, it's all lit up with natural light. Really love the bright and homey atmosphere here!

When we're done with our lunch, it's time to explore around this instagram-worthy place.

At one of the outdoor area with stained walls and aged wooden furniture. 

Love how they have the right amount of amount of greens in the house to make the place livelier and more Malaysia!

I guess this restaurant reminds me of Chinahouse in Penang, which I can never forget it's beautifully restored shoplot that has an awesome interior with local finish.  

There's different areas of the restaurant for you to choose, this one is more like a local tea lounge kinda area. With antique cupboards, paintings and some couches as well. 

Really enjoyed my meal over there despite the slightly higher price for food and lack of choices on their menu. I've always been a big fan of my own country's heritage especially the buildings! and it just feels so good to be dining in one of these aged shoplots that have been through the history. This could be your once-in-a-while kind of place to hang out with your friend and update about each other's lives. Which is exactly what me and Yianyeen did haha. Really glad to be meeting her before she flies to UK for 2 years! It's been a while since we last met, and I've always loved meeting up with her every now and then coz I knew how she transformed from a rather quiet person to now a confident and lively lady, and meeting her every time always amazed me on how she changed so much haha.

Hope she's doing well in UK! Can't wait for her to be back in KL again and we shall dig out more restaurants like this. In fact she was the one who suggested this restaurant.

Merchant's Lane 美真林
150, Jalan Petaling,
City Centre, 50000 Kuala Lumpur,
Opening Hours: 10.30am to 8.00pm
Check out their FB Page here:

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