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Monday, May 09, 2016

Kaohsiung 高雄 Diaries: Things to do at Sizihwan 西子湾 逛逛

Long post written loooooong time ago! Forgive me, I'm still living in the Taiwan Moment :D

After all my travelogs at different cities of Taiwan, I can't just let things end without introducing my beloved Kaohsiung which I have been residing during the 4 months of my exchange. I have so much to share and so there will be a string of posts about fun and interesting places in Kaohsiung! For start, definitely have to introduce you guys to Sizihwan, a sea side district where my university is located. In my opinion, it's the must-go place in Kaohsiung and I'll tell you why.    

1. Find Bumblebee and feel artsy at Pier 2 Art Center 驳二艺术特区

2. Have a cup of nice tea with Taiwan's beloved sweet treat -- Pineapple Tart 凤梨酥
It's free of charge! and these pineapple tarts are from the famous Sunnyhills 微熱山丘

Address: Warehouse C11-1, No.2-6, Dayi Street,  2-6號, 駁二藝術特區大義C11-1倉庫

3. Food hunt around Sizihwan MRT Station
Total must do. Good stuffs around. Here's some of my favorites.
a. 维克早午餐 Wake up Brunch
Best brunch ever. Affordable, delicious and healthy woohoo
Address: No. 20 Linhai 2nd Road, Gushan District 鼓山區臨海二路20號

墨西哥炸鸡拼盘 Mexican Fried Chicken Platter 
This is only 130TWD, so less than RM20 
Look at the portion and that special fruit salad with orange, apple, pineapple, nuts and sweet potato.

This breakfast is one thing I can't stop raving about to others when I just got back. 

b. 丸浜霜淇淋 (WanBing) Ice Cream Parlor
Address: No. 27-1, Lixiong Street, Gushan District 鼓山區麗雄街27-1號

Soft serve ice cream with loads of toppings seem to be the main trend here. 
Red beans, mochi, pretzel stick and cone
The flavor of ice cream rotates everyday.
The one you see here is Matcha and Hazelnut if I'm not wrong.  Priced at TWD70 each. 

c. 茶艺复兴 Tea Renaissance
Ok very simple reason, I love the blue cup haha. And also the fact that the shop provides seats for customers to enjoy the drinks. Anyways unlike usual Taiwanese bubble tea shops, Tea Renaissance emphasized the fact that their specialty is French Milk Tea. (which I have no idea of what's so different haha) But it taste great la, not too sweet, with the lovely aroma of milk.
Address: No. 48 Lixiong Street, Gushan District 鼓山區麗雄街48號

I remember the beverage here have names like Smile Milk Tea and Young Milk Tea
Prices range from TWD35 onwards. 

4. A glimpse of the coast from the British Consulate 打狗领事馆
This is the ever crowded tourist spot. I thought it's some museum but I was wrong, tour buses come here because this place is basically a souvenir shop. Well I was disappointed at first but the view up the hill is really pretty.

btw I swear these wax figures look insanely real
Not even museums have detailed and realistic figures like this.  

Do stop by the Sizihwan aka Sihzi Bay, which is just nearby the British Consulate. It's sort of like a square for people to catch the sunset. It's right at the main gate entrance of NSYSU. :)

5. Explore Cijin 旗津 by cycling. 
It's a small island which is one song away from Sizihwan. Cycling along the coastline while enjoying the blue skies and ocean has been my favorite thing to do. Been here for three times in total! I think I can be a certified Cijin tour guide. View my full post on places to go at Cijin Island. 

6. Observe Kaohsiung Mainland at Cihou Fort 旗後炮台
another recommended place in Cijin for awesome views and photos heh.

pc: Woonkiat


7. Enjoy Sunset at Windmill Park 风车公园
I call it the Marina Barrage of Taiwan, but of course, the sunset view is much more stunning.

favorite background of all time haha...
pc: Woonkiat

8. Enjoy Starbucks by the Bay 星巴克西子湾门市
Yesh, a cup of mocha while staring into the sea at the 2 storey cafe. How often do you find a Starbucks right next to the coast, you tell me?!
Address: No. 14, Shaochuan St, Gushan District 鼓山区哨船街14號
(Starbucks in Taiwan serves local tea beverages, I remember Leicha Tea Latte was on the menu) 

9. Sunset moments with Coffee at Chaishan 柴山
Plenty of cafes set up along Chaishan which offers the view of the calm and infinite ocean. Went to 海岸咖啡 which serves coffee in mega bowl-sized cup. This area is very peaceful with nature surrounding. Coming at sunset is the best where you see how the sky is dyed in orange, yellow and pink.
Address: No. 31 Chaishan Avenue, Gushan District 鼓山區柴山大路31號 
Tip: Take bus no.99 from Sizihwan MRT station and stop at 山海宫 Shanhaigong

10. Visit NSYSU!!
Coz my campus by the bay rocks! Mountains back us, ocean in front of us.

I miss walking along the super spacious corridors with high ceiling. and also the school bell that rings every hour!   

at one of our academic building. Ending classes with such a view to farewell you, can life get any better haha

oh the Bagels at Walshes Cafe 威尔希斯 is one of the reason why you should visit my uni. 

Some other places @ Sizihwan
1. NYBC Now and Then
One of the pretty hipster cafes in Sizihwan area. Actually it's at the very end of Pier 2 Art Center. Nearby Sunnyhills
Address: Warehouse C9-19 No. 2 DaYi Street, YanCheng District. 2號駁二藝術特區大義倉庫C9-19

粗個毫飽 早午餐 Glory Day Brunch TWD210 
Honey and Cinnamon Latte 蜂蜜肉桂拿鐡 TWD120
Personally think the mash potatoes with minced meat sauce taste awesome. 

2. Binhai 1st Road 濱海一路 , nearby Gushan Ferry Pier 鼓山渡轮站.
This whole street is full of food mannnn.....damn.... one of my biggest regrets that I haven't really try out any food here, including the super famous Shaved Ice desserts 大碗公冰品. So gonna visit here again and sapu all the food here. Only tried the 九日串烧 "Tasty9 Days" Japanese Grilled Skewers over here, and also bought Pineapple Cakes here heh.

Tasty 9 Days : No.72, Binhai 1st Road, Gushan District, Kaohsiung City
KSGoodGift : No. 95, Binhai 1st Road Gushan District, Kaohsiung City


Pineapple cakes I bought at this shop at KSGoodGift
So cute right? It's bear shape because it's a 糕熊 hehe. 
and it's delicious....yumzzzz
(now you know why I didn't give anyone pineapple cakes, I saved them for myself :P )

3. Some peace time around Gushan Boat Pier (鼓山渔港) 
One of the places we search for food is no other than the shops that surround the boat dock area. Well there's plenty of restaurants around and cafes. The boat dock looks especially quiet at night.

鸭妈厨房 (Yama) was one of the restaurants that we always go
I'm not sure if Taiwanese cares but I like the fact that I have a view of the port over here. :D
Add: No. 23-3 Binhai 2nd Road Gushan District Kaohsiung City

4. Sizihwan Tunnel 西子湾隧道 The tunnel that takes us back home :D
It's a tunnel that takes one song to walk through. I miss how we played music and sang to it while walking through the tunnel LOL FYI it's the pedestrian short cut to go NSYSU from Sizihwan MRT

5. Shaochuan Street/Shaochuantou Park 哨船街,哨船头公园

This was somewhere along the ShaoChuan Street 哨船街
can view Suntex Tower over here. 

Anyways, Sizihwan area really means a lot to me. I guess I had spent 70% of my time over here. What do I love here? One things for sure, there's a lot of FOOD and it's quite vibrant here due to the student population. Never have I thought of going to a university that is built on seaside. Now that I am back, I really do miss all the views of the infinite blue sea that I unintentionally caught from my hostel room, while taking the bus, while walking around my campus and while exploring the neighborhood. Now that I think back, I would say Sizihwan is definitely the area that you must explore if you are in Kaohsiung. Blessed to be staying over here, despite my occasional complaints that it's too ulu haha.       


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