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Sunday, June 04, 2006

In June 1st and 2nd.

Haha, long time never post oledy. So diz post will be talking about last two days.At 1st of June, Noth Strange happen lorr. Juz help my mom do diz n do dat only.2nd of June, dat day was my friend Esther's birthday party. It was quite fun, i got wet after i get into her house in 1 minute time!!!! We played waterfight wit water baloons. So funny dat da water ballon didnt burst when it touches da ground!!!! After dat, we played games and ate dinner.We played PS2 too(dance game only).Afterdat, we played pictionary. How stupid is diz game, i hav 2 close my eyes n draw!!!Soon, I got a Call. It was quite noisy so i went to da toilet n answer da call. Guess who is it?? It is TV station's worker call me n tell me dat i won da contest which i participate last 2 days. So happy i can get limited edition Jolin Tsai's poster n notebook!!! I told my brother about diz, he was absoulutely angry!!! Coz he participate too!!! Hahahaha!!Afterdat, my cousin come 2 my house, we watched movies n played.

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