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Friday, July 13, 2007

i didn't blog for a week i think......
my brother la!!!!!
everyday this and that.....
wanted to play also no use.....
the LPPS of our school had an exhibition,
they had mummies, haha.....
which is wrapped by tissue paper.......
and i saw some of them looked like cleopatra.....
well, the exhibition was quite creative,
where people pull your legs when you are walking around in the library. xD
well, cik shaiha didn't showed up today,
i saw her before school starts.
then we had history,
gosh!! quiz??
all of us cheated,
coz we don't know any single thing.
then we had free period for the rest of the lessons after recess.
me and han rui were studying history??
can't believe i'm so 'guai lui'
and i realized han rui is really my twin sister!!
though she got a twin sister too,
we thought the same thing, we spoke the same thing, we even do the same thing.
when she is pain, i'm pain too,
but there's still a distance between us because of badminton!!
fine, nothing to mention about that.
well, christine's playing with jonathan???
in mixed doubles??
me n hanrui were like.....WAKAKAKAKAKA!!!
1st thing, jonathan?? walau!
2nd thing, she..........
3rd thing, i can't really imagine how christine's gonna play in mix.
but i believe she can do it!!!!!
the second thing was the main reason we laughed!!
then we studied sejarah like mad,
and sponge beelee & bryan joined us,
they were learning chinese with us......
and they spoke kinda odd but funny.
Tomorrow's the match!!
well, i'm not sure whether i'm playing or not,
i wanted to play but at the same time i can't play well.
and my twin sis will be my opponent......she damn geng!! can cry edi la!!
anyways, Purple House will Win!!!!

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