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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

this blog was frozen for a few days.....
well, i'm watching heart of greed at youtube,
so no time to blog....
i'm quite obsessed with this drama,
though i watched because of raymond lam.
yesterday we had a p.puteri photographing session.
me & christine forgotten to bring black shoes,
we were like, omg!!
then we wanted to borrow from prefects.
and we walked to hanrui n hanyann's hse.
on the way, we were like saying,
thank god han rui n han yann are twins,
seriously, if not how we get two pair of black shoes??
her grandma just opened the gate without asking,
and i saw hanyann wearing da prefect's shirt with a short pants.
no offence, i'm like laughing.
we exchanged shoes with them.
They wore white shoes, white shirt n white skirt to school.
haha, but in the end, we returned the shoes before shooting the photo.
that was something interesting about yesterday.
well today,
seriously i kinda hate the teacher,
though i know is nt her fault for having teaching probs.
i just can get what she was teaching,
n we ended have another PRO maths teacher,
Ooi Say Wei a.k.a Fooi Feh Fei n a.k.a Ooi!!
All of us had loads of question to ask him,
well, he is better than the teacher for 300%
Then, Christine n i had to prepare a presentation for geo.
but in the end,
it's not our turn yet,
we wanted it to be over,
but we are nervous at the same time.
so yea.....
currently still watching heart of greed,
is a nice drama,
and i'm looking forward to 'the drive of life'
raymond lam fans must watch!!!!

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