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Saturday, July 07, 2007

We had a hike today,
i slept at 1 yesterday, to do da name tags.
i reached at 7 something and i'm extremely sleepy.
then we started our hike,
i don't really know my patrol members,
they wasn't really team-working.
but i'm part of it as well,
i seems to go here and there without permission,
so today out patrol didn.t did a great job
but congrats to those who were taking the tests!!
here are the destinations we went through,

1. K.L Sentral
2. Hilton & Meridien Hotel
3. National Musuem
4. National Planetarium
5. National Space Agency
6. Police Musuem
7. Memorial Tunku Abdul Razak
8. Deer Park
9. Lake Gardens
10. National Monument

well, i setted the tasks,
but i have to act like i don't know because is unjust to the other patrols.
but hui qian - the patrol leader,
she's like damn smart,
and she found every single tasks 1st
i'm like, i think i'll get screwed by mun ling.
but 1 thing, the tasks i setted were freaking easy
the whole team were out of control once we reached the fantasy land,
me n esther were playing like children.
and my PL kena scold because i left the group,
i felt super sorry,
then we went to the national monument,
we had lunch there,
we were like sitting on the floor and chatting around.
then we went all the way back n ate mcD.
journey back to Taman Bahagia.......
well, it was a great hike,
n i'm quite senang coz i dun really need to do anything,
i'll upload soon!!

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