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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I'll sing like there's no tomorrow

Statement : Holidays started and I'm not studying.

anyways, nothing much happened
went shopping with Audrey on monday hehe....
oh wait I should use your full name,

haha.....Audrey, a really awesome friend of mine, she searched her name at Google, due to her loa-ness, only to find out that my blog was on top of the list and I wrote "Audrey San Ee Mei ffk-ed us" lol! 
she was so upset and kept complaining this to everyone in school LOL!
okay now I guarantee it will be something different audrey...
well today's her birthday as well so I might just write this BIG :

anyways, shopping was really fun except the empty-handed part
well didn't have any cash with me so went window shopping only
but gosh, sales are basically EVERYWHERE
and saw many nice clothes....eeeeeesh.....such a turn off to shop without money...
bought earrings and a nail buffer
Earrings from Vault

Nail buffer from Daiso

It's not that shining after all
shouldn't put too much hope on a 5 bucks tool snapped some shots in changing room

Well yesterday was kinda suffering
I lost my voice in the morning
and I really felt like the world is gonna end....
went to the doctor at night.....apparently I have a very very weak heart
The doctor have to poke my fingers to let the blood flow through my ice-cold fingers.
Kena poke like crazy and blood was everywhere
my doctor said I was very brave and asked me if I want to study Chinese Medicine...LOL
I would definitely think about it but when he told me the cost of it....
haiz....just don't think about it anymore....
 phone pic, it's kinda blur
see the red spot?? yea, imagine I got poked for twice on each finger...
this was the last cotton ball that I used so not that bloody after all....

woke up this morning an my throat is getting worse, skipped physics tuition
but later I have a 5 hour add maths exam to face.....haiz...

Happy Birthday again Audrey San Ee Mei!!
Thanks Thanks *100000 for being a really supportive friend...
Thanks for being the one to tell me to step up on stage lol!!
Thanks for being the cheerful and syok sendiri one......Love Ya!!
You're awesome okay? Never think that you're not!!
Remember our deal?? we'll go manicure and pedicure together when we grow up!!
Happy Sweet 17!

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