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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Holi Days...... eeeeeeeesh.....the true pain begins

OhMy is the first Sat of our 2nd MidTerm Holidays a.k.a before-exam-holidays
Went to some SPM Chinese seminar which was held at the Klang Hokkien Association.
well the talk was kinda boring..... I really didn't pay much attention to anything but my PSP

Hehe My Biore mirror and WoonYing's W395
so matching right??? 
I know, I was so lifeless that I took random photo

Next, went to Centro Mall Klang for Brunch
which is in walking distance from the seminar venue
41300 KLANG
Photo Credits to
Heh went to a Fusion Restaurant :
it's a Pork-Free restaurant anyway... 
The food was just....SO-SO
but I guess we were eating the environment, it's air-cond-ed, with wi-fi, and the interior is abit like the modern nyonya style....etc etc
Heh I just found out that they have facebook! Check it out!

After having our lunch went back to school and then
Went to Starbucks with Jessie, WeiNian, Sook and ChewYee
to study my form 5 Sejarah Cheapter 8  play lame board games like Snakes & Ladders and Airplane Chess
Yea I totally failed at studying thanks to my awesome friends =)

Had a Grande Latte, as usual =)
OhMyGosh.....Snakes and Ladders was real fun..... NO JOKE

We had a punishment for the person at the last position after 2 person finish the game, which is :
to say "Hi" to a someone at the tables around us
and Thank God I was the first to finish the game.....=)
and ChewYee got punished lol!!

Haha had loads of fun and laughed like crazy when we were constantly going back and forth across the board. I started as the last from the begining lerr....
yea then later PSP-ed again and talked alot
Thanks guys, you all were awesome, had so much fun with u all!!

Anyways, In conclusion I studied 2 and a half chapter sub-topic
guess I'm gonna eff screw my exams....haiz

I totally adore my Biore compact mirror and I don't know why =)

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