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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Hil's Bday!!!

Well her Bday was on last friday....
Our Miss Hilary Ng <3
Subject of the day
Our beloved leader Hilary Ng Hwei Leng

Basketball was our main entertainment on that day

I don't know what are they trying to do with the money

Yoga was sub entertainment LOL!
OmG I look like a beast here!!

Nightwalk-ed somemore, pretty pic rite???

Here comes the cake!!
*Count Count Count* 1 + 7 candle =)

Happy Birthday to you!!!!
Happy Birthday to you!!!
Thanks Hilary, for being an awesome*10000 friend!
I know I'm not a good friend, I'm not a good committee member too, I know I always give you a lot of MAFAN, really sorry. Thanks for always forgiving me and teaching me and guiding me to new things and new experience. I really appreciate all the wonderful memories we have together since form 1!! OMG time is passing so fast....there's so much that we've been through and I realize the Girl Guides committee are closer to each other as time goes by. We learned to face problems together and laugh together. Anyways, Love ya and I'll really really miss you!!!!

Bday Girl's Present....
I wasn't sure what to buy and then I saw Etude House was having sale so I just went in an picked these nail colors
I was quite disappointed with the purple(hilary's fave color) shades they have...
Probably bcoz purple is not in season
It's hard to leave a shop with your hands empty when you see there's sale....
Thank God I didn't bring that much of money
or else I would have bought more than this
Code B Strong Eyes Cream Liner
Baby Pink Nail Color (baby pink is a must have for every girl)
Powder Blue Eyeshadow
Nail Art Stickers
All these at less than 40 bucks........*winks*

I bought the Biore Cleansing Oil from Jusco where I have a RM10 voucher
it retails at RM22.90
Really love this make-up remover
has a very apple-ish scent, which is my fave fruit lol!
But it's abit uncomfortable to the eyes if you apply it in the wrong way.

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