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Thursday, December 09, 2010

90% Completed...........10% Remaining

Yay!!! Finally....... Bio is over weih!!!
Still have one more paper to go which is Chinese but it feels like everything is over!!
Had a really good night sleep yesterday =)

and yes, the end of SPM = Jiawen's Blog Back to Life!!!!!

Missed blogging so much but for now, there's nothing much to blog about
All that happened during these days was Seating on the chair, reading without understanding it, Drink Essence of Chicken in the morning, Drink Neslo at night, Analysing the past year question
and also PRAY HARD.

Anways, got some photos that we've taken last weekend where my aunt came for her convocation.
Not just my aunt came, my uncle-to-be and cousin to-be came too
My uncle to-be's a vegetarian so I had really nice vegetarian meals during the weekend LOL thanks to him!
Really wanted to show them around PJ and KL since they dont come frequently, but I seriously cant leave Mr. Chemistry.  anyways here's some photo taken during the convo @ Grand Dorsette Hotel Subang

Congrats 阿姨!!

There wasn't many photos coz we were waiting for most of the time. Waiting for our queue to take the "official photo", the have-bookselves-and-tonnes-of-thick-thick-books-as-background photo? There were so many people and we waited for like 2 hours ++

anyways, there's something that I learned during the weekend...
Never eat Vegetarian Bak Kut Teh anymore
That is nothing compared to the real ribs one!

Oh Gosh Oh Gosh they are coming!!!!! Oh gosh all my favorites!!!!!!
I wanna hear B2st's Beautiful, G Na's I'll back off so you can live and Hyuna's Change!!
The problem is that I dont have cash now. Or else I would have bought the tickets!!
Hope there will be some contest....
Digi is like blood sucking vampire weih....

Hehe still have something to be happy of..... It's Hebe!!
Oh I've been waiting for her to come and the good thing is, she's coming on Christmas!!! Hooray!!
Seriously dont wanna miss this!

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