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Monday, December 27, 2010

SNSD'S Seohyun and CN BLUE'S Yonghwa relaased "Banmal" song!!

Love them soooooo much

I think my fingers are tired now, cause I hit the replay button for like (N)th times today....
Really Love this song and I wanna share this beautiful song with everyone especially SONES and BOICES!!

I've been watching WGM because of this really cute on-screen couple
Yonghwa <3 Seohyun a.k.a Goguma couple
After 10 months of couple life they've finally released this really sweet couple song called "Banmal" which means informal language in korean....

It was one of their mission in WGM to write this song and post it on Youtube
Song by Yonghwa, Lyrics by Seohyun & Yonghwa
Performed by the Goguma Couple!!!

Well this video is from their official channel so it's not subbed, the subbed ones can be found on Youtube too but please watch the original one before watching the subbed ones kay!!

I must say the melody is really sweet and beautiful. Yoong must've got a lot of inspiration from Hyun. After watching the subbed ones, OMG my heart melted and I was like "Awwwwwwww, soooo sweeeeeet" and I kept smiling to myself LOL!!
I think the main reason for why I loved this song so much is because the song is just so REAL.
From the lyrics and the tone of the song.
Everything comes out from their heart.
It's really beautiful.
Although I love this couple soooo much but somewhere deep down in my heart always think that they will still break up once the show ends.
But after listening this song, I think I kinda believe they have the heart for each other, really hope they will be together forever LOL

Anyways, I just wanna share this cute song with you guys, I'm sure many of you will be touched and will like it too. Gosh somebody needs to stop me from hitting the replay button!!!!

FYI: this video got like 16 Honours already and the comments are flooding in at every second. I think the view counts are jammed now LOL.....

Love YongSeo!! Sones and Boices, let's make this video reach million view count!!!!

The cn subbed version =)

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