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Monday, June 13, 2011

Super Short Food Review -- Toaster Box

I know this food review might be a lil' too short....
but who cares, I just wanna share some good food here :D

Toast Box @ 1utama

Okay so went to 1u Last Friday for my weekly "hang gai' session with Vince aka my cousin. She haven't had her lunch yet so we went to this Toast Box, which is located at the 2nd floor. Yes I know, Toast Box was there forever but I haven't try food from there, because I haven't been to ou for like at least 2 months, yea, since college started, no more shopping T.T Anyways, I had my lunch so I didn't order anything, whereas her, instead of ordering toast, she ordered a Lontong.  Which is a smart choice hehehee *Digi-wink*

Lontong -- RM 6.80
I never know Lontong existed, sorry sorry, I know I sucked as a Malaysian. But Good thing that I discovered this awesome dish man... Love it Love it!!! That's why I love and hate Malaysia, so much awesome good food to eat but end up making me so fat haha :D
Anyways, yea according to Wikipedia, Lontong is an Asian dish made of compressed rice wrapped inside banana leaf that is then cut into small cakes as staple food replacement of steamed rice. I'm grateful to whoever that invented this, it's so yummy weih. The curry taste so good, it's kinda spicy the taste and the scent is just soo goooood!! *Thumbsup* I can't really explain how good it is, so just go try larr, Lontong at Toast Box.
Usually those traditional food like, nasi lemak and rojak, that is served in all these cafe's are not that nice compare to those homemade ones. But surprisingly, this Lontong from Toast Box taste really really good!! I'm now a fan of it, I'm gonna eat again next week!!!!!

Anyways, this Toast Box is yet another awesome yumcha spot la. There are other food choices as well, like toasts, eggs, noodles and so on. The place is also not that noisy, and it's between the shops, so you can just sit there, and look around and stare at people. Well that's what I like to do :D

The beverage in the 1st photo is just Tea -- RM 2.60

Check out the Toast Box's Website!!

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