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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Study Green :D

Exams over!!! Fuh.....
I wont say I studied hard, in fact I was just TRYING HARD TO STUDY (do u see d difference??) Yea, I dunno what freaking number will appear on my papers...
But Who Cares, who cares and WHO CARES?? It's over :D
So i thought it's time to update my blog abit
hmm....I'm just gonna share some random stuff when I was in study period...

Well basically,I realize I pretty much put in some Go Green efforts in studying :D
Yeap, I'm studying and saving the earth at d same time LOL

 Recycled my used ledger and journal books in form 4
which I abandoned them after I dropped accounts.
I realize there was quite a lot of pages left, so didn't bother to buy a new note book, used this instead :D

Printed my past year papers on the other side of used papers.
Daddy got this big fat stack of wrongly-printed answers sheet, so used it to print the physics papers.
And guess what, I finished the BIG FAT STACK.

This one is interesting, Recycled Pen!!!
It's not used pen la, it's just the pen is made up of recycled materials.
Also from daddy, where his friend gave him one whole box of these recycled pens, also due to printing error.

It's very cute and also, because it's made out of recycled fibre, it's very LIGHT and very smooth to hold. The ink works fine as well.
I have loads of this, if u want one, tell me or leave a comment :D

This is what exams do to me...
Dark Circles, Bad skin, Pimples popping out and totally Tired!

Yea I was suppose to sleep before exams, but can't help to apply a mask before I sleep. Trust me, it makes u less tired and helps to relieve some stress la (at least stress on your face) Anyways, this Garnier's Aqua Defense Intensive Hydrating Mask is a good one. Love the texture and my face looked less...dead. And the gel-like texture is very cooling!! Love it!! :D

Anyways, a thank you to my college buddies who studied with me during the time before exams.
Learned a lot from you guys!!
JiaChee, Brandon, SheauWen, Jinyun, Daniel and Pauline.....and also d beta-ians
Thank You!!

Well I wanna say thank you to Mummy here,
for not bugging me to study, not that she didn't bug me at all, at least she didn't nag all the time. And also, for buying me one box of Essence of Chicken although the exam only last for 3 days. And and and, for making healthy drinks like barley and chrysanthemum tea and also energy boosters like 泡参茶. And also nagging me to take vitamin C so that I wont fall sick. Thank you Thank you!!! :D   
Oh oh and thank you Daddy too, for always reminding me to drink my essence of chicken LOL

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