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Saturday, September 01, 2012


Like finally this is the grand finale of my college life.
excited to meet my college mates
nervous coz my parents will be watching
happy with my achievements
sad because this will probably the last time me and my friends are gathered together as S1103B students
probably the last time for me to see my lecturers
last time to hear encouraging words from Ms Moey our CEO
this is the last time... 

That's the moment

A Big Congrats to all my classmates
for finishing this 1.5 years journey of A-Levels
whether U guys have the results u wanted
I'm sure you guys did your best and fought for the war.
Thanks for being helpful throughout these years...

The Ji Mui's 

With the lecturers:
Mr Tee, our young but genius Physics Lecturer

Ms Charmaine, our funny Biology Lecturer

Mr. Yoshua, the 24/7 joker lecturer of Malaysian Studies and Moral.

There are two more lecturers, who I really really wanna thank them.
Chemistry lecturer Miss Ng and Maths Lecturer Miss Chia
Miss Ng had the most interesting teaching ever, totally ignited my passion in chemistry. while Miss Chia is a real educator that gives you knowledge and ensures that you understand every single thing.

Next the helpful and awesome classmates that not just help me in studies, but also cheer me up whenever I'm stressed. The care and laughter from them really reduced my stress and made me more motivated to study. I love you people. 

The funniest girl I've ever met
Be with her, confirm laughter non stop.

whenever I'm with this girl, I can totally be crazy
like singing GG songs loudly while walking on the street
thanks for always going out with me whenever I asked you out...and also teaching me so many things...
you're always there for me....thank you. 

Group photo

After that, had a small gathering at Times Square

Baskin Robbins time!!
Love Potion and Cotton Candy
there was 31% discount btw
yum yum...

Then dinner at Bar B Q Plaza

I really treasure the moments we had together
feel so happy that day, so much laughter and care from the classmates

I Love you S1103B
you guys have been the most important people in my life during this One Year and a Half a-lvl course.
thanks for all the teaching, helping, cheering and caring. 
from TOTAL strangers to EVERLASTING friends
college life is truly amazing. 


and finally, the people who made the 4 stars appear on my results slip
The Family
thanks for buying me delicious food whenever I say I'm hungry and i need brain fuel.
thanks for giving me Essence of Chicken
thanks for not pushing me too hard, u guys are like the most non-pushing parents that I know
which I think is the big reason behind my achievements.
and thanks for sending me to college(instead of making me take the train) during exam time
u have no idea how did that helped me in my exams LOL
and thanks for spending money on books, stationary and any ridiculous stuff(eg: starbucks and cakes) that I say I need for exams...

too bad i dunno how to photoshop my brother into this
thanks to brother who bought me starbucks hehe....

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