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Monday, September 10, 2012

The Teapot Cafe @ SS2


oops, almost a week without any updates, well to be plain honest I really have nothing much to talk about even though I desperately wanted to. I've been spending my week watching movies, English Movies, just to pick up more new words, improve my vocab. I find watching movies a better way to remember new words, better than reading, yes Bookworm-potential was never in me. Did I tell you the first time I finish a storybook is when I was fifth-teen? yea it really took me that long.

Anyways, just last Friday, my mother had decided to bring me to The Teapot Cafe in SS2. Like finally, coz I had been begging her to do so. I missed this place so badly. I remember my mom brought me here when I was form 1 only. I was pleased to see how the shops still looks the same until now, the beautiful display of a variety of teapots, the teatime snacks at the shelves, the nostalgic paintings and of course the ladyboss lol. Still the same!

Just as before, we ordered our favorites. 

Rose with French Vanilla by Dilmah - RM8.90
our usual pick will be English Rose, but it wasn't available. This is the closest thing we can get I suppose. But really didn't regret choosing this one, this is the first tea that has a better scent than its taste. Total pleasure to my nose. It has a really sweet scent and mild tint of floral scent, probably due to the vanilla.
It has a light taste, nothing bitter. I prefer it without sugar added.  
it's refillable btw.

and this is exactly what we ordered a few years back

Left : Mini Chicken Pies - RM1.90 each
Middle : Scones - RM3.90 for one pair
Right : Mushroom and Onion Quiche - RM5.90
Chicken pie was okay, with crunchy filling inside. 
Mushroom and Onion Quiche is the best!! 
Is like my favorites all in one.
Onions, sweet CRUNCHY onions, mushrooms, cheese
plus the delicious pie crust
seriously nothing can be better. 

another reason for me to comeback
the scones!!
I wont say I had tried many types of scones, but I reckon this is the best I've ever had so far.
It's crunchy on the outside, while inside is has a more spongy texture. Others were just too dense and too greasy. This one is just fine and the strawberry jam and cream is perfect!
Usually the jam would be swept clean by us lol, this time was no exception too. 

Had a great time over there.
Chat with my parents and just enjoyed the ambience.
Most of the time I was staring at those teapots.
Love them, so adorable. 

sorry photo quite LQ
just to show you abit of the interior
see those teapots on top?? and all the beautiful photoframes down there.
very English don't you think?

to be honest I'm quite surprised by the price
well I told you I hadn't come for years (and I wasn't so price-sensitive back then), so I didn't really know how much it costs to have a teatime here. I thought it will cost at least around RM15 per person. But no, it was just RM10 per person. and Daddy says they didn't really raise the price of their food, even though everything else is growing. I thought it's quite worth it, the tea is refillable, the food was good, and also filling, great ambience. Can't wait to bring my girl friends here some day.

The Teapot Cafe
169, Jalan SS 2/24, 
47300 Petaling Jaya, 
(same street as durian stalls, behind the police station)

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