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Sunday, September 02, 2012

Updates - August

so I've graduated weee
let's see what happened before the big day
so there was the day where we went back to college for our results
aka doomsday haha
Was super crazyily nervous
I swear I'm not being humble, I really thought I screwed up the exams, never once I thought I can get an A in biology, let alone an A*.
But somehow, I did it. Thank God.
4A* really mean a lot to me...
the moment i saw the slip i couldn't hide how surprised I was
shouted "fuh"(yoh) like really loud in the office
I bet the people in the office wouldn't believe that a girl who shouted so loud got such good results hehe...
was totally happy and called my parents immediately
and guess what they say?

"How come you so good one?" in a doubtful way

honestly i din know how to answer them
in fact quite irritated whenever they asked me this LOL

hehehe....sorry i think i want to be proud about this since it will probably be the last time for me to show off good results :(

Was in a very good mood
went out with Sheauwen after that to chillax abit

 went to Kimchi Mom for lunch AGAIN!!!

 Tea time at Ochado Pavillion

then went to Tong Pak Fu @ KLCC for desserts and snack time

杨枝甘露凉粉 - RM8.80
I thought it was quite good, there's pamelo if i'm not wrong
love the sweet milky texture and sago

Glutinous Rice 糯米饭 - RM4.80
something salty to pair with the desserts
quite yummy, soft but not too sticky, n look at how much spring onions it has!!! like like

Rose Tea - RM6.80
simple, with tasty scent of roses
very light and healthy

Food REvisit to SanTerri Cottage after Korean Class
tried their famous sandwich this time
ordered the sandwich set which includes one wholemeal bread sandwich, coleslaw and a cup of coffee.
All for RM13.90 

there's bacon, eggs and crunchy veggies
great combination
coleslaw was great too!

Then there was rehearsal for our graduation
had lunch with the friends first at Pavillion's Carl's Junior
wasnted to celebrate Jiachee's Bday but Daniel Boon end up buying a cake for me too
to congratulate my 4A* lol
abit "zhadou" coz i never thought this is something to be celebrated
but...still thanks to them hehe...I'm happy :D

 hehe the bday girl

die of diabetes liao lorr....
sweet cakes infront and sweet girl beside

so yea...that's some updates..
for now, I need to prepare for IELTS
i know i know, i'm such a spoiled brat staying at home n not working
i promise i will after i settle things...

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