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Monday, January 14, 2013

Danga Bay Memories

Some photos from my trip to Danga Bay
Basically it was my first time there, i know, shame on me, never been to Danga Bay after so many trips to JB. At first thought, i expected Danga Bay to be just some beach with people walking around, playing with kites in the evening, then maybe cycling. So when my aunt says that she's gonna bring us there at night, i'm like seriously? is there anything to do? But turns out the place is very much the "it" thing in JB, lots of people gathered there, family, couples, bunch of friends, there's always something to do. well most couples are chillax-ing next to the sea, n maybe have a drink at one of the pubs by the bay. for friends or family, well cycling around the area is fun, and there's a Fun Fair as well with all kinds of rides and games.

For us, well, we're a family afterall, we went cycling. They have this 6 seater bicycle with a steering wheel summore. It's quite fun to ride around, feeling the light breeze and taking in all the beautiful sights of the sea and lights around the bay. We almost bang into a train haha! 

We went to the Fun Fair. Paid 10 bucks for a dark indoor roller coaster named Black Hole Odyssey.
total waste of money haha, not scary, not fast, no ghost, no nothing! We laughed so bad while we're in the dark coz we realized what a stupid decision we've made. We shudn't have expect anything close to USS's rides. Anyways, during the 3rd round, we shout really crazily just to act like that we're scared, yea just to make ourselves feel somewhat enjoyed. hehe
Then we paid another 10 bucks for another ride, i don't know what is it called, but it's sort of like a high speed merry go round, only that we dun sit on horses.

 Here's some photos that we've taken while exploring the area.
Beautiful full moon above us
it's a bamboo garden behind us. 

 The Danga Beach area, lots of open air restaurants serving many types of dishes and there's live music as well. There's quite a number of pubs as well. 

see that ship?
yea, we promised each other that if we become rich in the future, we're gonna celebrate our birthday over there haha :D
cousins, people to dream with...

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