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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Universal Studios Singapore -- 2nd Trip

 Photo sharing time!!!
As I've mentioned in the previous post, I went to USS again hehe, after 4 months of waiting :D
I can never explain how much I love the place, I don't know whether I'll get sick of the place this moment, I'm like a hard core fan of USS hehe yea sue me for giving money to Singaporeans 
Anyways, well this trip was equally fun as the previous one as I have my other two cousins with me yay!
It was 28th of Dec, and yes a friday, school holiday and new year in 3 days so yea imagine the crowd.
The queue lines were crazily long, it was a test of patience and legs muscle stability. Well i'll talk about what sucked during the trip later hehe
Now, the photos. Well I'll organize them by each park. There's some new rides and attraction that I haven't go for in the last trip, will give some reviews (those in blue font). Do read my previous post if you wanna know more about the rides that I didn't describe in detail. Btw, didn't manage to take as much photos as before, most of our time was spent on queuing. Which gives me the perfect reason to go there for the 3rd time :D

Entrance, though Christmas was over, but they still kept the decorations and also they still have the Christmas special shows, like the snowfall and light-up show. Too bad I was late by 5 minutes to catch the snowfall TT.TT and btw, all the characters that appeared in the park were dressed up with Winter accessories (hats, scarves), which gives the very Christmas season atmosphere.

1. Madagascar
1st ride at The Crate Adventure. :D

 Had Corn Dog and Ice Lemon Tea for lunch at Gloria's Snack Shack.

2. Far Far Away
Just my fave place, yea I always thought that I'm not that fairytale kind of girl, but I guess those princess-with-castle genes are just hardwired in every girl's body haha

The Castle

Queue at Enchanted Airways (Roller Coaster) 

O yes!! My Favorite photo of the day!
Meet and Greet with Princess Fiona and Shrek.
The first time we saw them, we were to slow to get in line and they have a limited number of shots that can be taken during each meet and greet sessions. So the second time we see'em we were like crazy fans following them right behind their backs haha
My cousin says, everybody's photo is gonna have us in it coz we're like just right behind them while others kept on snapping photos. 

Awww so sweet.... 
will never forget the moment when I saw this haha
But cousin says, what if both people inside the costume are of the same gender lol

Watched the Shrek 4-D Adventure as well
But damn unlucky, our seats weren't working/moving/rocking.
Cousin says, "the guy beside us is too heavy" LMAO

3. The Lost World
Not much photo from here, probably I'm not a big fan of the park haha
plus it was raining in the afternoon
Lined up for more than an hour at the Jurassic River Rapids Adventure but they stopped the operation due to bad weather TT.TT

Anyways, we watched the Waterworld show as well. Just as the last time, the guy still did the Gangnam style thing haha. Laughed so bad.

Canopy Flyer
My first time going on this ride. The queue was long probably because there were limited vehicles available. Well I know this wasn't a very amusing ride coz even small little kids can board this. But I must say, it's worth the wait, the view is amazing, you can see the Far far Away Castle, the lake, and also the Jurassic Park. Plus it was in the evening, so the lights are up but still with a little trace of the sunlight. And I can feel the wind gushing through. Really nice ride. 

Anyways we saw this Velociraptor (Characters Meet and Greet) which passed by us and we almost got in their way lol. Gosh that dinosaur just looked real! 

4. Ancient Egypt
Loved this park too, all the supersized Egyptian monuments, statues and of course the awesome Revenge of the Mummy ride!! Yeap that's the wait-until-leg-pain-pain ride. Maybe because of the long queue, the queue lines were extended, and we get to explore more of the artefacts and decorations they have placed in the waiting lanes. I swear the waiting lines are still freaking creepy, I saw this two little girls who went in first without their parents, they stopped halfway coz they were scared (yes I see the fear on their faces) So we led them haha. Anyways I still love this ride so muchie!!! Went for the 2nd time in the evening, where the waiting time was just 5 minutes lol, and took the frontseat as well, frontseat is just so much better, really!

Meet the Army of Anubis :D

5. Sci-Fi City
Just like the previous trip, went for the MUST-GO Transformers The Ride, and the Battlestar Galactica double roller coasters (both Human and Cylon track) Transformers was still so awesome to me, the effects, the motion..fantastic. The Battlestar coasters, lol, shout so bad when I went for the Human track, I forgot how freaking fast the roller coaster is, shout until no voice, no time to catch a breath. and again, the Cylon track was awesome!!

6. New York
I don't know why but, New York has the biggest crowd among all parks. There's no rides but still, people tend to gather there. Probably because of the beautiful Christmas Deco and also pretty buildings and wide space. But sad case, didn't have much time to take photos around the place.

 It's Big Bird!!
awww all the childhood memories...
Abby Cadabby was there too
Can't wait for the Sesame Street new ride!!

Street performance from  Rockafellas

7. Hollywood
Crowded as usual. The Christmas Lights were beautiful.

Monster Rock musical at the Pantages Hollywood Theatre!
Though not exactly like the real theater, the entrance and lobby of the theater was super beautiful and grand!
The musical was amazing!! Live music, dance, wonderful costumes, you just can help but to enjoy the beat. All the music were popular hits like For Your Entertainment, Nobody, It's my life and much more.
The famous Mel's Drive In

The Pantages Hollywood Theater

Happy day!!
Well the best part of the trip was the extended opening hours. The waiting time is significantly lower after 7pm, that's the best time to go for a second ride or go to those that you havent been to. But before 7pm the crowd is just, omg super super big. We reached around 11 and the ticket queue was around 500m i guess. Buy tickets online is the best option to save time, though u still need to queue up, but the queue is much, like really really much less. I didn't really like the big crowd to be honest, to many people, u can barely move through the street, there're people walking in all directions, and yes, they tend to spoil your good pictures, not to say they're ugly, but yea, the pics just didn't look nice because there will always be people blocking. And the waiting times, gosh, spent so much time waiting, didn't really have time to just walk around and take photos. The Revenge of the Mummy ride was around 75 minutes! imagine yourself in that dark waiting lane with low ceiling and creepy egyptian statue for 75 minutes!!! The food well, not good, and expensive, i know it's expected, but still kinda hoped for something better. I tried the Waffles and Churros from Sci-Fi City, and both are like....argh, just not nice. Btw, I have a small tip, it's actually a lesson learned haha well If u can, buy the souvenir bottles and refill it for SGD2 only. Well the bottles have a price range, though not exactly cheap but, quite worth it because you'll be constantly craving for drinks inside, thanks to the hot weather and all the waiting. I realized I spent much more on bottled/paper-cup drinks, it's actually cheaper to get the bottle, plus, you actually take the bottle home as a souvenir.

The Show Schedule
Must get it the moment you enter, just to know what are the showtimes. For that day, they actually have extra shows in the evening. The schedule really helped a lot to plan our day. 

Yes, thanks to cousin who bought the tix online, we got to enter the park immediately. The queue lines at the ticket booths was crazy, seriously. 


Anyways, do read my previous post coz I have a much more detailed review about each park and each ride.

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