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Friday, January 25, 2013

KL Explore, The Third

Just as promised, I will be sharing photos from my 3rd KL Explore trip with Miuyinn
Click the link to see the post of previous trips
Trip in 2010

Due to time constraint, we only have half a day to tour around. We decided to go to places that we've left out last year. 

First up, 
The Historical KL Train station.
I've been seeing this building quite frequently through the windows of LRT. Other than the Abdul Samad Building area, this is the part of KL with its own identity. The buildings have its unique architecture, it's like a combination of east and west ideas. Really adore this place. If I have the money, I would have turn this place into a top tourist attraction, this buildings need to be seen! 

There's a mini musuem at the KTM station in the KL Train station. Exhibiting models of trains and also related machinery used in KTM Berhad. 

Walk through the underground tunnel to arrive at the opposite side of the train station 
KTM Berhad Building
again, amazing architecture, feel the historical aura.
Imagine if all companies have their own buildings like this. It's gonna be so cool mannnnn....I probably love KL more than europe countries. 

all the colors, the stains on the walls, the small little cracks, made the place look really attractive. 

Lake Gardens
we passed by lake gardens last year, this year we decided to walk into it and explore the huge botanical garden. Turns out it's really huge!! Lots of trees, good place for oxygen intake hehe
There's playground, tracks, I thought local people will be exercising there. But to my surprise, most of the people in the park were foreigners, got caucasian, people from china, they weren't just visiting as a tourist, but really using the facilities. I wonder why no local know about this place, it's really beautiful. 

 Pass by Butterfly Park
hehe the huge dino-playground

 Lots of fountains over there

Do check out those dino-plants!! 


Walk across Jalan Parlimen to
National Monument
I remember it was raining, heavily, when we visited this place last year
didn't take any photos in order to protect our cameras.
The weather was lovely that day, love the view.

Somehow there's a patch or dark clouds against the blue sky... 

Close up on The Fallen Heroes 

Next, took cab to Bukit Bintang
as usual, Christmas Decoration Photography is a must-do every year.

Walk towards KLCC, our final destination of the day.
 The lake symphony
I will watch it at night someday :D

 Happy New Year 2013
That's what this trip means to me, a new year is coming :D
Well I didn't take a lot of photos in this trip, as we didn't go to many places, and I find the decoration in Bukit Bintang a bit boring this year. Pavillion was amazing of course, but others well, not that impressive. Plus it was in daytime, so the street light effects are not obvious.  Anyways, it was a fun day afterall, I love the train station the most!! Yea, here comes the I-Love-Malaysia moment hehe :D

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