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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Sweet & Sour Holidays

So, it's 2013 already?!
Was thinking about what was I doing one year ago, and I can't help but to notice so many things changed, came, passed, go.....
I remember I was preparing for Edexcel exams but now I had already finish the a level course and started degree, in fact my 2nd semester going to start soon. Time seriously flies...
anyways, well I'll save my new-year thoughts and resolutions for the next post.
To kickstart my blog for 2013
here comes my post about my long awaited TRUE holiday!!
yes i remember I had been saying this super a lot in the past 2 years during A-Levels : ALL MY SO-CALLED HOLIDAYS ARE ACTUALLY USED TO STUDY FOR EXAMS, SIGH!
But this time, the real deal is here as it is our semester break after first sem final exam woohoo!!!

Anyways, realizing that i have too much to say and would like to organize my thoughts well
i'll be just briefly describing what happened throughout my holidays
Not like super exciting wan la, but enough to make me happy....

So my last post was 23rd of Dec, i'll start from there
on the 24th, went shopping weeee
Shopped for my family and cousins' presents
it's not a tradition in my family, but I just enjoy the feel of giving and sharing to others hehe....
Had steamboat dinner with parents at The Bonepot, delicious dou sei!!! 
Then went home and wrapped the presents, very last minute I know
didn't really sleep that night LOL

Christmas Day!!! My plan was to bake cupcakes for my family and try to decorate them with Christmas Theme
But obviously I failed lol
The cupcake failed first, i spooned too much batter for one cup, and it rose too much, like some weird volcano haha
Then the decorating part haizzzzzz
So freaking hard mann, I wanted to keep things simple, as in just top the cupcake with the white buttercream to give the white christmas look
But I end up using so much of the Red decorations coz nothing looks good haha
and I drew a template of a snowflake so that i can dust icing powder on it and form a snowflake shape on the cupcake, and I obviously failed again sigh....
But at the end, turns out they still look okay haha, colorful enough and Christmas enough
Anyways, the cupcake taste good :D

26th of Dec : Went Jalan-jalan with Miuyinn
Yeap this is our 3rd KL explore trip, well this time is more of a mini one as we got only half a day to walk around. Went to some historic buildings like the Old Train Station, KTM Building, Butterfly Park, Lake Gardens and of course, all the malls in Bukit Bintang where we can take photos of the beautiful Christmas deco. Will post all the photos in another entry.

 Lake Gardens
one of my fave photo hehe

 27th of Dec : Trip to JB
yeaps, my long awaited trip down to JB to visit my relatives and cousins
Took the train, yes you heard me, I traveled by train, alone haha
almost 7 hour journey mannn, no joke. Thank God I was sleepy enough to be sleeping most of the time or else I would have been bored!
But afterall, traveling by train is quite comfortable, the crew members are actually very polite. Well the food sucks of course, train delay, some broken windows, some unthoughtful passenger who put their luggage right behind my seat making me unable to adjust the seat, other than those, well, train is quite good really.

28th of Dec : Universal Studios Singapore...again
Yay, 2nd trip to USS!! This time I have 3 cousins with me, the more the merrier hehe.
The crowd was crazy i tell u, but thank God they extended the opening hours!!
Will blog about it in the following post, and more photos coming up :D

29th of Dec : Danga Bay
suppose to be a resting day but my aunt brought the four of us to Danga Bay at night weeee
It was my first time there, I know, shame on me, Go Johor so many times but never been there
Anyways, I was really shocked to see so many people over there, I thought it was just a beach u know, but turns out it's like a family outing spot. Rode bicycles and also played at the Fun Fair hehe
will talk about it in the next post :D

30th of Dec : well nothing much
It was suppose to be our Singapore tour day. I planned to go to places like Orchard road, Marina Bay, Merlion Park, Bugis etc etc I'd even draw out a map and wrote down all the directions. Even noted the train fares. But too bad, I failed to go there, again :(
Well my uncle and aunt didn't really like the idea of us going, well they were probably worried by the crowd coz it's before new year, so yea I don't really wanna put my cousins into that situation lorrr
I thought of going myself, but obviously, no one will let me sigh
So had to cancel the plan. To be dead honest, I'm really sad :( I had already missed it during the last trip and this time I missed it again, it sucks you know, I really wanted to walk around and take photos, especially when the Christmas decorations are still on. Now I hope I can go there as soon as possible...... Singapore u wait for me! I will come to you hehe :D

okok I should stop emo-ing haha
eventhough I couldn't go to Sg, I still went Sing K with the cousins at Loud Speaker Karaoke. super syok haha Especially when we sing and dance Gangnam Style lol, i danced so crazy that i spill one whole glass of Iced Milo on the floor, super fish haha
After the sing k session, went to another relative's house and had dinner over there. My grandaunt cooked the most delicious panmee on earth la seriously!! The soup, the handmade noodles, the meatballs...delicious.

31st of Dec : suppose to go home by train but Food Poisoning attacks :(
Sad case man, dunno what dirty food i ate, my stomach was really uncomfortable.
I thought I can still tahan, but right before I board the train, my stomach seriously hurts man
So i changed the ticket to 2nd of Jan
I know it's very last minute, so I called my mom and told her I was sick
and guess what she said, she said I purposely act stomach ache so i can stay longer
I mean like wth?? If i wanted to stay I would have acted stomach ache long ago lorrr, why would I wait to the last minute and waste my time?
And seriously it sucks when my stomach hurt so much and yet my mom is still scolding me.
I vomit twice in a shopping mall (opposite the train station)
Wanna thank whoever that cleaned up the mess, I'm so sorry for causing so much trouble.
Anyways, vomit a LOT, like keep on vomiting, whatever went in just came out. Even water came out! Never felt so helpless before. Can't eat anything, can't drink anything.
Had to mafan my relatives summore, take me to doctor, take care of what I eat, i feel really sorry to them.
Until now, I still haven't fully recover sigh
Food poisoning really sucks, hope this thing will never happen to me anymore.

Now : I'm staying at home -- LAZY-ING
well after the trip, and also the stupid food poisoning, time to rest in my home :D
Sem 2 starts in a week's time, excited, but still wished I had more holiday hehe
okok time to sleep like a

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