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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Afternoon Tea @ Majestic Hotel Tea Lounge with the high school bestie

Tai-tai day haha...
First time in forever LOL
Decided to splurge for once (but obviously I splurged more than once)in this sem break, just to sit back and relax at an entirely different environment. 
Met up with the high school friend after 4 months...
Thought she will be busy with her studies and work, but this girl just go "Let's go out" the moment I told her that I'm back haha...
Nothing beats chatting with a good friend and updating each other about our lives, even better when we get to do it in the elegant way haha...
So, we went to Tea Lounge at The Majestic Hotel @ Jalan Sultan Hishamudin, KL  for a classic English afternoon tea session. Beautiful place I must say, the hotel itself has the colonial architecture, totally in white with broad windows. Going in to the Tea Lounge, it definitely looks like one of those classy and elegant English lounge, with beautiful chandeliers, comfy armchairs, classic table lamps and pretty flowers in a vase. 
Best part was the big windows, behind the beautiful drapes...that gives a view of the green lawn, allowing the right amount of natural light in. Couldn't stop saying how pretty this place is. 

Love the furniture over there, very traditional and vintage English style

So we had Afternoon Tea over there, which costs RM48++ per pax.
The afternoon tea includes a 3-Tier afternoon tea rack, a pot of English tea and also some savory treats that came later.
So beautiful!!
This is a rather different rack, unlike the usual 3 tier round plates. 
This looks so....exquisite and elegant. 

Pretty lerr
never in my life that I thought of having this view...

The bottom tier - Sandwiches!
I had smoked salmon, tuna and the round one that has bean sprouts and mushrooms inside if i'm not wrong :D
Smoke salmon rocks!!

Middle Tier - Scones!
with strawberry jam and cream
Erm, i prefer crunchy and fluffy ones
this one is more dense, finish one, you feel full instantly
Love the cream and jam :D

3rd Tier -- Sweet treats
The first one (from front) is a Panna cotta, super nice! Fruity and smooth. the second one is a very fragrant and crunchy coconut cake, my favorite :) Then there's cheesecake, choco tart and a meringue. 

Savory treats that came seperately
in a golden tray with a cover on top
when the waiter serves it, it's like "ta-dah" haha...
anyways, there's drumsticks, cheeseballs and some curry pie on the left which is very very delicious. 
This savory treats adds a Malaysian twist to English Afternoon Tea.
anyways, they served satay and almond cookies as well. 

Beautiful tea set, look at the color of the tea man....
Love the aroma.

btw, super friendly waiters
the way they serve really represents the word 5-Star
like what Fiona said, every one of them are trying to be Best Employee of the month haha
the waiter volunteered to help us take a photo.

The Tea Lounge, every half an hour or so, there will be a pianist by the piano, playing soft tunes of popular classics. Yeap, awesome experience from all senses.
It was great to have friends to talk to, laughing, while biting into sweet treats, talking while sipping some tea. 

Girl friend of the day -- Fiona
by the way, it was during new year's eve. Can't believe how time flies weih, and looking at this photo, we do look different from we first met each other. We were still wearing pinafore and having ponytails back then, but now, hair down and dress like a lady. Really grateful that we still contact each other despite the distance. We may not talk to each other every single day, but still, we have each other in our hearts and know we've gotta meet up, just listen to each other. 

Tea Lounge @ The Majestic Hotel KL
5, Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin,
50000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel : +603 2785 8000

Btw, you might wanna call for reservation before going there for Afternoon Tea. 

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